This is just ghetto ways to die....By: ThisIsACommentary. Check him out on youtube. And if you like this give all the credit to him and I will keep makin these however if by any chance you think it sucks tell me and I will stop it. But most likely you will like it.


1. Ghetto ways to die

-runnin across the street to record a rachet ass fight with yo phone. yo weave falls. you try to save it but you get hit by a car

-its friday night and u turnt up wit yo ppl and u start twerkin on the table and yo weave gets caught in the celing fan

-gettin food out the fridge tht u knew wasnt urs and u choke on karma

-maury tells u "u are not the baby daddy" and u break ur neck doin a backflip to busy celebratin

-yo baby daddy finds out tht the 18 year old he been payin for in child support aint his and he killed yo ass

-u in the front row at a rick ross concert and he decides tht tonite is the nite he gonna try to crowd surf and u get crushed by the weight of a thousand suns

-mcdonalds puts some old ass cheese on yo mcdouble and u cant shit for four days. constepated as hell  and u pass the fuck out

-u walk in the kitchen and u slip on a packet of old roman noodle

-twerkin in the club and u have an asthma attack

-yo parents name u mersades and u get ran over by a ford focus

-u post a video of someone gettin they ass beat on worldstar hip hop and the person find u 3 days later and beats yo ass and it goes viral

-yo dumb ass play taylor swift in the hood.....nuff said

-trynna run away from a rat in yo kitchen and u slip on a pile of unpaid bills and break yo neck

-u eat alphebet soup and u choke on the d

Thanx for reading...Im out xD

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