I Love Harry Styles(on Hiatus)

I decided not to go with the Obssesed story. I probably will do it . But not with this story :)

Baylee falls for The Harry Styles. What will happen?


8. Chapter 7

Sarah's POV

I nod in response to what Liam said about Baylee. Knowing she was safe with Harry Styles, and I am with Liam Fucking Payne!

Excuse me while I have a mini fan girl moment internally of course... Okay I'm back. 

As soon as I'm done Liam takes my plate and puts in the dishwasher. While I walk into the living room, and sit on the couch. 

Liam's POV

I was putting the dirty dishes away and cleaning up the mess from the lunch I just made us. When my phone rang. Hazza. It read. 

"Hey Mate."

"Hey. You have Sarah right? Baylee's friend?"

"Yeah. She's in the living room watching TV. Why?"

"Good. Try to swoon her please."

"I'm with Sophia Hazza."

"I know but make her think your into her. So I can be with Baylee. Please."

"No, Hazza I can't. 'm sorry." I say and hang up.

Baylee's POV

Harry placed me  down on his bed, and covered me with the blankets. I instantly curled up and got comfortable underneath the sheets.Putting the blankets under my chin and his scent filled my nostrels. 

God, He smells so good! Or rather his bed does.

I open my eyes a bit and see Harry standing near the door staring at me with a look in his eyes. I can't quite place it.

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