I Love Harry Styles(on Hiatus)

I decided not to go with the Obssesed story. I probably will do it . But not with this story :)

Baylee falls for The Harry Styles. What will happen?


6. Chapter 5.

I faintly hear Harry talking to someone. I believe it was Liam.

"I'm going to take Baylee home. Can you take care of Sarah?"

"Sure mate." Liam replied back.

Harry walked out of the house and to his Range Rover and placed me in the passenger seat. I felt him buckle me up. And I swear I felt him kiss my forehead. He ran around to the driver side. And started to drive to his house. 

Next Morning

I woke up in Harry's scent filled bed. I looked down at my body and realized I was wearing a pain of boxers and a black v-neck shirt that went to my thighs. I guess Harry changed me.  Oh no. He changed me. 

"Harry!!!" I yell at him.

"yes love!" He yells back.

"You changed me?!?!"

"Yes that dress looked uncomfortable to sleep in." He states back.

"er.. Thanks... I guess." 

"Your welcome. I made breakfast. Oh and by the way. You have a smokin' body."Harry states winking at me.



Sorry for a not so good chapter. I've been having writers block. :(

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