I Love Harry Styles(on Hiatus)

I decided not to go with the Obssesed story. I probably will do it . But not with this story :)

Baylee falls for The Harry Styles. What will happen?


5. Chapter 4

At the Party

Sarah was looking around with wide eyes gasping everytime she saw someone she knew. 

"OMG There's Ed Sheeran!!!!"

"You just made me go deaf SARAH!" I yell at her earning a smile from her as she walked away to go stalk Ed. Like seriously, she's following him around like a lost puppy. Now I gotta go get her to leave the poor man alone. 

"Sarah! SARAH!" I whisper yelled at her. She turned around and looked at me then went back to following Ed. I felt so sorry for him, but he hardly noticed her. I was about to walk to Sarah to pull her away from Ed when I noticed he was talking to Harry. Oh shit! Abort Mission. Abort! Abort! 

"Hey Baylee. How long have you been here?"
"About 15 minutes. Hold on. I gotta stop Sarah from stalking Taylor Launter!" I faintly heard Harry chuckle as I stormed off after Sarah. I swear if looks could kill she'd be a puddle of blood on the floor!

I see Taylor look behind him glancing at Sarah and gave her a small smile. I then saw Sarah give him a shy smile back. Oh lordy. I then walked over to them and lazily hung my arm on her shoulder.

"You know Louis is going to be upset that you replaced him with Taylor!"
"Yeah, he'll get over it!!"

"He's heartbroken, Sarah." I growled at her signing to her to leave Taylor alone and go back to the boys.  Taylor chuckled while his manager (I'm guessing thats who she was) ushered him away. Giving Sarah dirty look.  

I saw Sarah look after them and sighed. Then, she glared at me and stormed off to go find The Boys I hope. 

As I'm walking to find Sarah I bump back into Harry while he's getting a drink.

"Did you get her off of him?"
"Yeah, but I think she's gonna get me back for it.."

"What'd you mean?"
"You don't know her she doesn't like when people tell her what to do. Or better yet when people give her dirty looks.."
"Who gave her a dirty look? Taylor?" Harry asks curiously.

"No, his manager. Or I'm guessing that she was his manager. If not then she needs to learn now to mess with Sarah. Oh, have you seen Sarah anywhere? I lost her after she stormed off.."
"Yeah last time I saw her she was with Liam. Probably pooring her heart out to him. He's a great listener."
"At least she's safe with him."

2 Hours later(Spongbob Voice)

I was siting on the couch with Harry about to fall asleep on his shoulder. It was around 3AM. Sarah was still talking to Liam. She's been ignoring me all night. As long as she's safe and not stalking anybody famous then I'm happy.

I felt Harry start to fidget under me. 

"Ready to go home, love?"

I then felt Harry slide one of his hands under my legs and his other arm behind my back and pick me up and hold me close to his chest. I instantly put my head on his chest one hand clutching to his shirt.




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