I Love Harry Styles(on Hiatus)

I decided not to go with the Obssesed story. I probably will do it . But not with this story :)

Baylee falls for The Harry Styles. What will happen?


3. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

I saw this Orange R8 drive by where the boys and I were staying. I couldn't help but stare. 

I felt an elbow poke my ribs it was Niall that did it. He gave me a "What the fuck are you staring at?!?" look. I just gave him a  smile and realized I was holding up the line.Oh fuck. I then continued signing taking pictures with fans. 

"so Hazza what were you staring at outside?" Niall asked me.

"I saw a cool car and a young girl driving it. Thats all. I replied back giving him a smile. 

"Are you talking about the orange R8?"
"yep" I said popping the "P"

Baylee's POV

I drove by the hotel really slow and noticed a boy with curly hair staring at me. Whats his problem I thought. I rolled my windows up thank god my mom got my windows tinted to 15%. She doesn't like people staring at me while I drive. 

I arrived at school and my BFF Sarah was waiting in front of my usual spot. She is a HUGE Directioner.And when I say huge I mean she knows their birthdate, weight they were when they were born, and what hospital , as well as what room number. When they say Directioners are better than the FBI they weren't kidding!

I parked my car and noticed she was bouncing in place full of excitment. 

"Whats up Sarah?" I asked kindof scared of the way she's acting.


"At this school?" I asked her back. She gave me the You got to be kidding me look.

"NO! In LA!"

"I saw a boy with curly hair signing autographs outside of the  RITZ on the way to school." 

"You what!?!"
"I saw a boy-"
"Yeah I heard you the first time!" She stated cuting me off. 

"What did he look like?!?!" 
"Umm like a normal teenager.."
Sarah quickly pulled out her Samsung Galaxy S4 and pulled up a picture of One Direction.
"Point to him!"
I took her phone from her and pointed to Harry. "Thats him" I stated and started to walk into the school.

"Where are you going?!?"
"Ummmm... to school. You know to learn!"
"NO! We are going to meet my future husband!" She stated grabing my arm and pulling me back to my R8.

"But we have a HUGE test today!"
"Since when do you care about tests!?"
"Umm.. since Mrs. Lockwood said it could pass or fail me!"
"Oh well your running a fever so we got to take you home!"




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