I Love Harry Styles(on Hiatus)

I decided not to go with the Obssesed story. I probably will do it . But not with this story :)

Baylee falls for The Harry Styles. What will happen?


7. Chaper 6

Sarah's POV

Harry took Baylee home while I stayed with Liam at the party. Luckily, he hadn't been drinking so he was the DD. Around 4AM Liam told me that we were heading home. 

At 2PM

I woke up with a MAJOR headache. Wait. This isn't my bed. Oh no. Did I sleep with a random guy last night?!? I'm going to kill Baylee!

I hear the door open up and I go back to sleep, or rather fake sleep. He places something on the nightstand along with a glass and is about to head back out.

"Did we have sex last night?" I ask him without opening my eyes.

"No. We didn't. There's clothes on the edge of the bed." He answers back and heads out the door leaving again. I open my eyes and see advil with a glass of water sitting there. I take the advil and chugg down the glass of water. 

I glance at the end of the bed and see a pair of his boxers and a tank top jersey. (Like this)


I put the boxers on and go to put the tank top on when I notice "Payne" on the back. No I couldn't be at Liam fucking  Payne's house. Can I?

I walk out of his bedroom and into the kitchen and see him in a snapback,black t-shirt  and a pair of  black jeans, and a pair of blakc boots. (Sorry Sophia is in that picture. I love that outfit on him though *drools*) 

"Oh hey love. Are you hungry? I made lunch." 

" 'm starved!" Liam laughs and keeps doing whatever he's doing.

"Can I ask you a question?" I question sitting down on a bar stool.

"Sure love." He states back still with his back turned to me.

"What happened last night?" I question him.

"What do you mean?" 

"Like at the party?"

"You got hit on by some guys, then you came and sat down next to me and poured your heart out to me." As soon as he said that I put my face in my hands. 

"I'm so sorry that I did that. I am usually a quiet drunk." Liam chuckles.

" 'ts okay love. I actually liked that you did that. I was getting lonely."  He then turns around and hands me my plate with a grilled cheese and chips. My breath stops in my throat as I see that it is Liam Payne from One Direction. 

"Where did Baylee go? my friend?" 

"Oh she's with my mate Harry. At his flat. He's gotten quite fond of her." He smiles at me. 





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