My Brother,Harry Styles

Camila Cabello Styles is the sister of Harry Edward Styles.Before she tried out for The X Factorthey got in a huge fight and haven't talked to eachother since.Harry has seen all her perfomances with her band wi the boys.One day they all find out Fifth Harmony has to go on tour with One Direction...what happens?


2. Fight

Camilas POV

So I was just getting ready to go to The X Factor and then i got a knock on my bedroom door

"Who is it?" I shouted


"Come In!" i shouted back

he came in 

"So i just wanted to tell you....i dont like the way you sing i think its annoying kinda"

He said

"Wow thanks Harry that helps!"i said with sarcasm in my voice

"Whatever Cam when they reject you I will start laughing"

He said then walked out







-1 Year Later-


Still Camilas POV

I am now very famous with my band Fifth Harmony

In Harrys face!Ha!

We, as in Fifth Harmony ,were getting ready for our perfomance in NYC

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