This is us

I love him but he doesn't know who i am. He's seen me but doesn't see what i've gone throgh.
Holly is a 19 year old girl who is excited for her spring break. What will happen when she goes backstage at the one direction concert. Will things get in the way?


1. Spring break

"Holly come on" my best friend lea shouted

"coming" i yelled back still looking for a dress to wear to the one direction concert. We got second row tickets and vip to meet them. I was really excited but part of me was nervous. I decided on wearing my light blue dress with my black vans. I pulled my hair over my left shouulder so the scar would be hidden.

"ready" i replied to lea.



my heart was ponding. I was going to meet them in twenty minutes.


The concert finished as people started to leave. Me and lea walked to the vip section where security guards asked to see our tickets. They let us through and i almost fainted. Niall ran up first.

"hi i'm niall"

"hi i'm zayn"

"hi i'm louis"

"hi i'm liam...... Harrry is probably flirting with our hair and make up crew again. 


"Let me go get him" niall spoke shyly



Omg did i really just get liam, niall,zayn and harry's number.

i looked in the mirror at my scar. It was deep. Tears ran down my face. 

I heard a crash "LEA" i yelled shaking 

i heard another crash behind me.

i was just about to hide in the bathroom untill all the lights turned back on

i turned to see something on the wall 

it read "don't bother hiding, i already see you"


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