Lol Cats Go Crazy

It's a normal evening and you see your cat going crazy. Wait you don't have a cat and there's more of them. Their coming closer CLOSER CLOSER. ARRRRRRRRRRRR
Who can save my now?


1. I hope I'm normal


Am I Normal?


You're a normal girl well kind of, you never go out, you're obsessed with Facebook, Instagram, and really and network. You also love looking up pitchers of lol-cats you think their hilarious and are always checking if there are new picks. You don't even go to SCHOOL. Your parents are supposed to home school you but their too busy running a nearly shut down cause their broke comic book store. The reason you don't go out is because when you went to school would get terribly bullied. You have changed schools four times but would always get bullied. I don't know why because you are thin, have brown hair and have big blue eyes. Personally I think you are really pretty and very smart so just get off the chair.

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