"I'm overboard, and I need your love to pull me up, I can't swim on my own, it's too much, feels like I'm drowning without your love, so throw yourself out to me, my lifesaver."

Greyson "Grey" Hadley is not your average High School Senior. Moving from coastal California all the way across the country to coastal North Carolina to live with aunt due to the event of losing her family in a tragic accident, she is thrown into the hostile, crazy and sort of ridiculous lives of the teenagers in the town. Making friends also proves to be difficult since she's become mute, but she ends up meeting three people who will end up meaning a lot to Grey and also being the only three people to help her get over the death of her family.


1. One- A Brand New Place

The day my parents died is one memory I wish I could forget. It was the hardest day of my life and if I got the chance to go back in time and change something, I would go back to that day and save my family. Even if that meant I, myself, wouldn’t be here.

I remember that day like it happened yesterday when in reality, it happened a week or so ago, and in that week, a lot has changed.

As you now know, my parents and older brother, Jay, got killed in a fire about a week ago, leaving me all alone as the only survivor. Although I survived, I definitely didn’t leave the fire unscathed. I had burns all over my body but only two were really bad and they were located on my back, right over my left shoulder blade and on my torso where the side of my stomach curved in and then out again. I also became mute, meaning I can’t speak. This part happened because of the physical trauma, which was my inhalation of smoke and the burns on my skin and also the emotional trauma of losing my family. The doctor says that I will be able to speak again eventually, but I’m not quite sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Another big change is, as a result of me being alone and parentless, I now have to leave my home in California and move to coastal North Carolina to live with my aunt. So basically, I’m moving across the country so I can be looked after.

I also have to start attending school a few days after I arrive. So not only will I be the new girl, but I will also be the girl who doesn’t have parents or a brother anymore. The only survivor of the fire that took her family. The girl who can’t speak.


As I rolled the window down in the car, the smell of salt instantly filled my senses and looking out the window, I caught a fleeting image of the Atlantic Ocean with its deep blue color and white capped waves before I lost sight of it behind yet another building.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” My aunt, Jessy, said. I smiled at her and nodded, taking in her appearance for the first time in my life. She had black, curly hair-that looked a lot like mine-that reached her chin in a short, bob-like hairstyle. She also had the same thick eyelashes and olive toned skin as my mother and I both had. The two things that made her appearance different from her sisters’ are her dimples and her brown eyes. Those were the only two differences between my aunt and my mother.

The farther we drove, the closer we got to the ocean and by the time we got to my aunts’ house, it was in full view. As it turns out, my aunt owns a huge beachfront house that overlooks the ocean and it has a huge wrap-around porch that covers the entire perimeter of the white house.

Inside the house was absolutely incredible. When you first walk in the door, you immediately see a staircase to your right that leads to a second floor. Looking straight in front of you, you see the living room. The walls are painted a light blue color and on the side that is facing the ocean, there are huge floor to ceiling windows that give you a perfect view of the ocean and lets in a lot of sunlight which gives the whole room a calm and serene feel to it. To the left is a very modern looking kitchen with granite countertops and a lot of stainless steel. It has an island in the center and plenty of room to move around and cook. There was also a room off to the side of the living room that was a bedroom, and considering it was decorated and looked like someone lived in it, I was assuming it was my aunt’s bedroom.

Upstairs, there was a vast open space that spanned the entire floor, creating a huge room of sorts. The floor was a dark cherry wood and three of the walls were painted white and the fourth wall was a floor to ceiling glass window, ending with a sliding glass door leading out onto a balcony, giving me a full view of the setting sun over the ocean.

“I didn’t know how you wanted to decorate your room, so I just painted the walls white.” My aunt said, smiling slightly.  I gave her an appreciative smile and walked further into the room. The wall that was facing the ocean had a huge king sized bed pushed up against the wall and a nightstand was sitting beside it. To the right there was a door that led into a bathroom which was modern and hadn’t been decorated yet. There was also a door that led into a walk in closet that didn’t have any clothes in it yet. To the left of the bed there was a huge bookshelf sitting in the corner. Overall, it was a pretty cool room.

“I know it’s pretty bare but I didn’t want to pick out anything you didn’t like. So instead, I can take you shopping to get some new clothes and things for your room.” My aunt said and I gave her a broad smile, telling her that I liked that idea.

"Well, I'll let you get settled in. You can go through the clothes in that closet and pick out the ones you like and I'll get rid of the rest. Also, tomorrow night we are having some friends of mine over for dinner." She said, and with that my aunt left me alone in my new room, in a new house, in a new place, to settle in as best I could.

                                                *                *                *             *            *

About an hour later, I was sitting on the-my- bed in an oversized sweater and some black leggings with my hair in a messy bun, drawing yet another picture in my sketch book when my aunt called me downstairs. Putting my sketch book away in the top drawer of my nightstand, I walked down the separate staircase that was used specifically for my room and headed into the living room where I found my aunt talking to three strangers. A tall dark haired man who looked to be around forty was standing beside a petite woman with short kinky curly blonde hair who looked to be around the same age, and finally, a boy who looked to be about my age with blonde hair, tan skin and piercing green eyes.

"This is my niece, Greyson. Greyson, this is Johnathan and Jeanne Hicks and their son, Eli." My aunt said, causing my eyes to flick to hers and back to the three people who now had names.

"Hi Greyson. It's so nice to finally meet you. We've heard so much about you." Jeanne said in a soft, sweet voice that instantly made me feel safe and loved, which was crazy since I'd never met her before. Then she came over and hugged me in the tightest hug I've ever experienced before. I stood shocked for a couple seconds before recovering and hugging her back.

"I can't imagine how it must feel to lose both your parents. I lost my dad when I was your age and it was really hard, but I still had my mom. I can't imagine the pain you're going through right now." She said so quietly that no one but me could hear her. What she said shocked me but it also made me feel a tad better knowing that I wasn't the only one who has gone through something like this. I hugged her tighter and shut my eyes tightly to stop myself from crying yet again.

A couple more seconds of hugging before we both stepped away and I gave her a small smile that I hope portrayed my thanks for her understanding and kindness even though we just met. I think she got the answer since she squeezed my arm in a reassuring way and went to go stand back by her husband who gave me a small smile in acknowledgement and greeting.

"Well, I just thought we'd stop by and give our newest neighbor a greeting and make her feel welcomed." Jeanne said as she and her family started to make their way towards the front door. They didn't make it very far though, because my aunt stopped them and said:

"Why don't you all stay for dinner." My aunt said and after a brief argument, they agreed and next thing I knew, we were all helping prepare dinner.


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