This is romance with a vengence


2. Rewind

"Oh baby." She moaned as she lay on top of him, her sweat dripping onto his naked chest. He was reaching his point of climax, thats when he whispered, "I love you." Suddenly the light in her eyes changed and she smile qlmost sinisterly. 'I think i might have one more surprise for you." She pulled him up seductively and began to kiss him. He laughed and they embraced. Then, her eyes flicked open and she smiled. She smiled until the cold the cold yet slightly warm, wet metal finally reach her belly. Thats when his eyes burst open and he let out a cry. The light in his eyes began to fade and he slowly sunk to his knees. She bent over and kissed his head. "I love you too baby." She whispered before she grabbed her coat and laughed all the way out his apartment. He lay there, wriggling and writhing as foqm began to dribble out of his mouth. He looked down and saw the long blade sticking out of his chest. That was the last thing he saw before.......
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