This is romance with a vengence


3. Cody. Cody Kaine

She had now successfully completed task 7. But the day was still young and she still had five more guys to check out that day. Ted As she was walking up to Teds apartment, she realised she made a terrible mistake. But iy was too late, hed opened the door. "Babe!" He slurred. Drunk. Obviously. She rolled her eyes and walked in. This guy was gonna be easy. He was such an idiot. "You look different babe." He contiued, toppling over a stack of beer cans. Typical. Babe. Couldnt even bother to remember her name. This one just had to go. "I died my hair and got contacts." She replied. "Oh." He paused. "Well you look stupid now get undressed and lets get freaky!!" He slurred. After their little session, she said "I have another surprisr." He laughed stupidly as she traced heart on his chest. "That tickles babe." He laughed. "That tickles. Ow that hurt a little... Babe your hurting me.. Ouch!! Stop!! What are you doing?? Get off me! Agggghhhh!" And then there was silence. Jake She waltzed out of his apartment swiftly. His wife was outside the door. She got quite a fright. "Who are you??!" She asked. "Just consider me you're saviour." "Save me from what exactly?!" His wife asked. She walked in to her apartment as the strange lady outside cointed. "Agghhh"!!!!" "Who are you? Rob asked.. Using his last few breaths. Shred scratched himwith her nail that shed dipped in poison. It worked fast. "The names Cody. Cody Kaine. She simply replied. And that was the last thing Rob ever heard.
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