Sightings of the Clyne


5. the first ever to see this thing

Amanda normal 13 year old girl who doesnt have friends but 1 hes been with her since she was a little girl she doesnt understand why noone knows him but her  she asked her cousin to come over that weekend so when she came amanda intoduced her to her friend she said she didnt know his name her cousin elizabeth said she didnt see anyone amanda was scared so she went and sat on her bed thinking what is that suppose to mean so she got up and said 'lets go to the park' they walked to the parkbut when they got there amanda changed her mind 'lets go to the library' thwalked to the library no matter where tey went he followed she didnt know what to do so she checked out some books about ghosts demons and stalkers elizabeth asked millions of times why she was doing that she didnt answer so when they came back home amanda freaked she could still see him but why not elizabeth amanda thought to herself she read books and did research right when she read a line " HE/SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ONCE THEY HAVE YOUR ATTENTION" Amanda was terrified so she walked out to find parents and they werent there so she called her mom and dad elizabeth were ther alone with the thing Amanda snaped she ran into her room turned off the lights and realized this is it hes not going to leave me alone elizabeth walked in her room and asked 'Amanda? what are you doing?' 'he isnt leaving hes going to kill me i cant escape hes me for long time i havent realized it till now were both going to die' elizbeth backed up

'i better kill you before he gets you too we dont want that (has a big knife and pulls it out) elizabeth out grabs her phone while amanda is chasing her she breaks the widow and dials 911 they head her way while shes in a tiny hole in a tree and amanda ig for her the cops show up and amandasneaks up and stabs one of the cops and one cop grabs her and puts her in the ambulance and they drive off tothe hospital for the mental


2 days later


Elizabeth 'i cant believe shes gone what did she see' (falls asleep)



???: 'ME (creepy voice)


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