Sightings of the Clyne


2. information

okay well the Clyne apears like this:

mid-thirties smiles always night weird and creepy he is a really tall skinny man he wear a fancy suit and a top hat he wears has small pupils and never blinks isnt visible shows up in all of you dreams stalkes you everywhere you go and he stays under your bed when you wake up in the middle of the night wears dress shoes he has a freckle on his elbow never leaves your sight when he finds you and when you snap and you go all crazy thats when he attacks to be said he only attacks kids and young adults because they arent as 'strong' as the older people (blah blah blah...) (lolz just kidding) when he was 34 he died because of a 24 year old women who beat him to death for her self defense and her 3 children one child died because of the man he would stalk the everyday 24/7 the mans name was Logan Gollosby he changed his name LOTS of times so that was his recent name i guess but thats about all my peanut can think of right now

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