Written In Our Scars

Louis Tomlinson is stumbling through High School. The past three years have been nothing but merciless beatings and ruthless bullying from a tough gang of teenage boys. Louis' senior year is rewritten when he finds a love for music and an unexpected girl he begins to fall for. A twist in Louis' story transforms his dim future and fills it with fame, love and music.


2. Tara Solano

I unlocked the door to my house, stumbling inside. My stomach ached so badly, I could barely walk. My cheek was swollen and slightly bruised. There was no way I would go to school tomorrow and risk facing Dalton. I sighed, climbing up the steep staircase to my bedroom. I flopped down on my queen-sized bed, the mattress molding to my body position. I pulled my thick pale pink comforter over my blonde head and cried till I could barely breathe, my heart pounding in my chest as my head started to ache. I couldn’t think straight, Louis, picking me up off the ground with his muscular arms, comforting me and auditioning for the musical… Absolutely none of it made any sense. His hate for me was clear, just rehearsing our lines together for tryouts, I could see him grinding his teeth in frustration while his eyes burned with anger and hate. Guilt overcame me, Dalton abuses Louis everyday, and I can’t begin to imagine his pain, fury and anger. The thought of him, lying on the ground, as Dalton continually throws in punches and kicks… Unbearable. And I stood there, leaving him to helplessly lie there. I didn’t deserve to have been picked up; I don’t deserve his kindness, or anyone’s for that matter. I can’t accept the love I don’t deserve. From anyone.

Time Pass: Next Morning

            I woke up with my head throbbing and my radio blasting out a pop song. I reached out my arm to press the snooze button on my alarm clock. I yawned and crawled out of bed, pushing off sticky sheets. I glanced down at my soaking wet pillow and sighed, walking over to my bathroom. I showered and changed, applying minimal makeup. I grabbed my backpack and rushed downstairs to drive to school. When I arrive, I immediately venture to the auditorium, realizing the parts and cast of hairspray would be posted on the door. A crowd of people had already formed; I pushed through and found my name next to Tracy Turnblad. I looked next to Link, the male lead, and spotted “Louis Tomlinson”, written next to it. I sighed, knowing there would be a kiss, a stage kiss, but still a kiss between us. The school bell rung and I climbed upstairs, veering left into my first class, algebra. The day passed by slowly as teachers continued to lecture us and pass out monotonous assignments. The last bell rung and I heaved myself up out of class to the auditorium, rehearsals started today.

Time Pass: Middle of Rehearsal

            “Now Louis and Tara, I understand we don’t always get along but a stage kiss between you two is necessary, this is the last scene,” Mrs. Chandler exclaimed in frustration. Louis and I stood there, fighting, trying to avoid the kiss until Mrs. Chandler stepped in and scolded us. “Now, on three, 1-2-3,” Mrs. Chandler yelled. Louis’ face edged closer to mine, I stared into his sea green eyes, splashed with hints of pale blue. Louis grabbed my waist, pulling me closer until our lips met. He smashed his soft warm lips against mine, I close my eyes and our lips move in harmony. My anxiety melts away and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer.  As our lips pull apart, the auditorium comes back into focus and I inhale a deep breath. We slowly back away from each other, trying to process what just happened. “That was fabulous!” Mrs. Chandler chanted with cheer.

            “Er, thanks,” Louis mumbles.

            “Rehearsal is over children, you may leave,” Mrs. Chandler announces, beginning to leave the auditorium. Everyone packs up, but I remain frozen on the stage standing next to Louis. I turned to face Louis and we stood there staring at each other, in shock at the connection we had. Louis edges closer. I stepped forward, wrapping my arms around his neck. He brings my hips closer with his strong arms. I stare into his deep eyes and we both stumble back laughing, out of anxiety and what had begun to happen.

            “What was that?” Louis yelled at me, laughing hysterically.

            “I honestly have no clue what just happened,” I replied giggling. I stepped off the stage, trailing behind him. We both sat down on chairs next to each other, still crying with laughter. My head was swimming with thoughts of passion. My urge to smash my lips against his was unbearable. I fought myself to resist until he leaned forward and smashed his lips against mine. Our lips met and I slung my arms around his neck as the world drifted out of focus. I am mesmerized by the touch of his lips fireworks ignite in my head. We slowly pull away; I inhaled a deep breath of air and stared into his longing eyes.

            “I like you,” I blurted out smiling.

            “I like you too,” Louis replied laughing. “I have to go, I will uh see ya tomorrow,” Louis said standing up. We both walk slowly out of the auditorium; I bit my lip to control my smile from emerging.

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