One Direction Mission

One Direction. Pretty sure you know who they are. Anyway, I got to meet them. At last! I've been waiting for this day for months and months, now my moment has arrived... I will succeed! And become their number one fan!


2. The Guys

The concert was loud. Very loud! But I'm not complaining at all, it was amazing! They were really good tonight. Even better though, I'm going backstage to meet them. I'm so excited! I fought my way through the crowds and got to the door. A tall, bulky man with his arms crossed stood there, glaring at who dared to step near him. I stepped to him. He didn't speak, I got my pass out of my bag and showed it to him. He said nothing. Slowly, he stepped to the side, and gestured his head for me to enter. I rushed through, not daring to look back. One word. Wow!


Neon lights, other girls (hot ones so I'm jealous) and obviously the band. Ahhh!!! Am I shaking? I feel like I'm shaking. I brushed back my hair from my fringe and tucked it behind my ear. I walked towards the band, they were all talking amongst themselves. The they all looked at me. My heart stopped.

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