One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


9. Paige and Niall

for Niall2pretty


You were sitting in your bedroom and it was about 10pm. You heard the last of your family trundle into their bedrooms and you sigh. You decided to stay awake for abit. You got up and grabbed your ipod. You went on youtube and immediately you typed in Niall Horan. It was just ahabit now. You stayed awake till about 12, watching videos and listening to one direction music. By now you felt tired and decided to let yourself sleep. As you finish watching a video about Niall you feel the tears come streaming down your face. You chant to yourself in your head 'Don't be silly Paige, you'll never meet him, you're just a fan' This stung you, even though you said it. You knew it was true. That's all you ever would be. Just a fan. Even if you did meet him you would never have a chance. The next day you decided to head to the beach. You called up your best friend, who also happened to be a massive directioner. You both lay there in the sun, trying to tan when the memories of last nights crying session came back to you. The tears fell again. Why did he make you feel like this. He is only a boy, a sweet, sensitive, perfect boy who although he didn't know you made you feel like the most important girl in the world. Oh yeah that why he made you feel like this. Your friend didn't hear you crying, she had her headphones in and was probably listening to one direction. You felt someone rub your back.

"What's up love?" He asked in a rich, soothing Irish accent, It was so familiar.

"You wouldn't understand. Most guys are directionaters and you probably are aswell" You replied not wanting to face this man.

"Oh yeah, if I was a directionater, would I know how this song goes?" He asked and started singing Niall part in little things, your favourite part. You started crying more and told the man how you loved Niall so much with all your heart and he would never know that.

"Turn around" The man said in his soothing voice. You turned around and your heart jumped out of your chest. NIALL HORAN! You went to speak but he stopped you. He gently placed his fingertip on your lips and stared lovingly in your eyes.

"You talk too much" He laughed before leaning in. Oh My God! You thought Niall Horan was going to kiss you! After he kissed you, he gave you a hug. You were still in total shock, but  decided to hug him back anyway.

"Wow!" You exclaimed.

"I know! I know this may seem cringy. and I don't even know your name. But that felt magical, it felt perfect. I think.... That I've found my princess" He said. You were in shock. Niall Horan thought you were his princess. Did he know how many nights you had dreamed of this. And now it was happening

"So what do you say?" Niall asked. You stared at him. Tilting your head and raising an eyebrow in confusion. Niall laughed

"To what?" You asked.

"To being my princess. To loving me forever. To being mine and only mine?" He asked and you nodded.

"Oh my god, yes!" you exclaimed. Just then your friend opened her eyes and too her earphones out

"What did I miss.... wo! Niall Horan Oh My God!" She exclaimed whilst you laughed. Although she like Niall she was more of a Harry girl.

"Yeah and he's all mine" You replied with a smiled, before placing your lips on Niall. Proving a point. He was yours and he always would be.

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