One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


11. Mandy and Harry

for xMWWx1Dx


"Harry!" You yelled after your boyfriend as he stormed out the door. He turned and glared at you harshly.

"Im sorry Harry" You yelled. He just stared at you

"You know what Mandy, i'm sorry. Sorry I ever met you" He replied harshly. You felt your face drop when he said this.

"Mandy..." Harry began, softer this time. He knew how much his words upset you.

"No Harry. Just go. Haven't you done enough. I love you Harry and I thought you were the one, but I guess the feelings mutual" You said and then ran inside. You felt the tears stream down your face as you slid down against the wall. You sat there for some time, cradling your head in your hands. What had you done? You heard the letterbox go, but you ignored it. It was only when you finally got up, probably an hour later, that you saw what had been posted. It was a sheet of paper folded up with mandy written on it. It was in Harrys sloppy handwriting. You couldn't help but smile at the smiley face he put next to your name. You unfolded the paper and read it


I'm sorry baby. The words I said were true though. I am sorry I met you. Sorry because I know have no heart, well I do but i'm trying to be romantic here so just go with it. Anyway I don't have a heart anymore because you stole it. And I know i'll never get it back. So please Mandy, forgive me. We can work this relationship out. Can't we? I don't know Mandy, I cant think straight, all I can think about is you. Meet me at Starbucks at 6. If you're not there I will take it as you don't want to be in this relationship anymore. I love you Mandy Moo and I hope to see you at 6


Harry (if you hadn't already guessed by now) xxxx


You smiled at the letter, you couldn't stay mad at Harry. He was too perfect. You glanced at the clock. Oh no! It was 5:47. You had 13 minutes to get to Starbucks. You ran outside and got into your car, driving to starbucks, you couldn't be late. You arrived at 5:56. It was only when you looked in the mirror that you realised how much of a state you looked. You had panda eyes and a Rudolph nose. You couldn't help but laugh at your terrible appearance. You would g somewhere and clean up, but you didn't have time. You saw Harry sitting in starbucks, glancing around looking for you. You got out the car and went into the coffee shop. Everyone stared at your appearance. They all knew you, afterall you were Harry Styles girlfriend. Harry looked at you and smiled before embracing you in a hug.

"I'm so sorry Mand, i said some stupid things and I promise I didn't mean them" He whispered into your shoulder

"It's okay Hazz, I did aswell. We were being stupid. Lets move on, forget it ever happened" You replied. He pulled out of the hug and looked at you with a massive smile.

"I love you Mand" He said.

"I love you to Hazz" You replied before he leant in, brushing his soft, gentle lips against yours. You smiled inside as you felt the fireworks explode inside of you. What you and Harry had was perfect. A stupid little fight couldn't break you up.



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