One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


1. Imagine for Hazza's cupcake

I shivered as the bitter winter wind snapped harshly at my skin. The goosebumps appeared and I knew soon I would be shaking like hell.

"Babe, take my jacket" Harry said, as he took off the thick winter coat he was wearing.

"No Harry, I can't. You'll be too cold" I objected, but he wouldn't listen. He removed his jacket fully and placed it around me. I warmed up straight away, but I saw Harry start to shiver. I leaned into him and cuddled up to him. He immediately stopped shivering.

"1 minute babe" He said with a smile. It was new years eve and instead of going to a silly party, we were sitting under the stars. New years day would be our 5th year anniversary of being together. We met in Holmes Chapel. I moved there shortly before Harry left for X-factor. He never knew me, but when he came back we met.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Happy new year babe and happy anniversary" He said, placing his lips on mine.

"You too handsome" I replied after returning the kiss.

"Babe, I have something to ask you" He said. He took a box out of his pocket and down on one knee.

"Charlotte Annabelle Betty, you have made my life more than complete for the last 5 years now. So now is the time to ask you. Will you dome the honour or being my life. So we can spend eternity together" He asked. I stared in shock, I had hoped this day would come one day, but now it had I didn't know how to respond. Of course I wanted to say yes, but I didn't know how to say it. He stared at me. He looked quite hurt. I wanted to comfort him but I didn't know how. Finally, I let myself answer.

"Of course Harry, of course I will marry you" I replied and he smiled. I laughed. Now was the time to tell him.

"Harry, I have something to say aswell" He looked at me, eyes glistening in anticipation.

"You're going to be a dad Harry, we're having a baby!" I said excited, he stared at me and his eyes lit up even more.

"I'm going to be a daddy. we're going to have a Darcy or a Harry junior" He said smiling. I couldn't help but laugh at how excited he was.


I sat in the hospital bed, watching in awe as my husband to be cradled our little girl in his arms. She was so precious. Darcy Anne Styles. There has never been a baby more beautiful to me then her. To think, I was once a young girl who moved to Holmes Chapel. That was the best idea of my life!




Hazza's cupcakes imagine.

to reply to the one she sent me earlier. Other imagines will be slightly different and will depend on what you want :) xx

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