One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


6. Ibiza and Harry

You sat in starbucks, alone, feeling as if the world was against you. You felt as if someone was watching you. You slowly looked to your right and saw the most handsome boy you had ever seen. You made eye contact and he smiled, showing off perfect little indents on the side of his face You loved dimples, they were so cute. He slowly walked up to you

"Hi, i'm Harry" He said in a slow, deep yet perfect voice.

"I'm Ibiza" You replied and he smiled,

"That's a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl. Do you maybe want to go out sometime, as friends or yanno more?" He asked and you smiled

"I would love to" You replied as you typed your number into his phone. He smiled at you one last time before leaving starbucks. You couldn't help but blush at how cute he was


Time past and you started to date. You found out his name was Harry, Harry Styles. It came as a shock to you when you realised that he was from 'One Direction' but you loved hi for him, not his fame. He used to muck around and do the stupidest and funniest things, just to make you laugh. One day you came home from work. You were exhausted and wanted to sleep. You found a single rose on your bed. The bedroom door creaked open and you saw Harry, he had another rose in his hands. He gently kissed it and placed it in your hands before leaving your house.

The next day you went home from  work, extremely annoyed. Not even Harr could bring you out of this mood and soon you found yourself arguing with him. The words you said to eachother were words that you never thought would escape your mouth.

"I hate you!" You cried. You saw the hurt in his eyes. You tried to talk to him, say sorry, that it was a mistake. But he turned away.

"I guess that makes two of us" He muttered before walking out the house. Those 7 words haunting your mind. Echoing around your head. You felt so sad. So angry. Not with Harry but with yourself. You stared at your surroundings, everything reminding you of Harry. You couldn't stay there, not now. You took your bag and left. Leaving Harry a small note on the side. That night Harry returned to your flat to apologise. He saw the note and burst into tears. You couldn't have left him. He loved you too much to let you go. He wouldn't speak, eat or talk to anyone for days. The boys became worried about him and set out to find you and bring you back. They found you! The truth was you couldn't leave. You had been wandering around, sleeping on park benches for the past few days. You were shivering and mascara had run down your cheeks. Louis put his arm round you and helped you up. You staggered to the car where they then dropped you off at Harrys. They made you speak to him. Once you were inside they left, leaving you and Harry to talk.

"I'm so sorry. I was angry with my boss. I should have never have taken it out on you" You said whilst crying. You had cried so much these past few days you were amazed you had any tears left.

"Ibiza, calm down. I know you didn't mean it. It's my fault as well. I pushed you too much and we both fell. But we can get back up, together" He aid whilst rubbing your mascara stained cheeks. His voice instantly calmed you. He held you by the shoulders and pulled you in, gently brushing his lips against yours.

"Ibiza Avila, you light up my world like no body else and its moments like this that I know its gotta be you, because whatever happens nobody will ever compare to you" He said sweetly and you laughed

"Did you just compliment me with your songs?" You asked and he chuckled before nodding.

"Because it's true. I love you baby and I know that whatever happens we can work through it. You're mine Ibiza, forever and always" He said before leaning in again and kissing you, setting off explosions in your mouth. You sat on the couch watching movies, curled in a ball, in Harrys arms, the position you always wanted to stay in.

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