One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


2. Danielle and Harry

"Danielle" He whispered, his green eyes staring lovingly into yours.

"I love you so much, I can't even begin to explain what you've done for me" You couldn't help but laugh. What you've done for him? He was an international popstar whilst you were a girl from a small town in England, who got incredibly lucky.

"What do you mean what I've done for you? You've given me an amazing life Harry and I don't even deserve how much you've given me" You replied, but he wouldn't accept it.

"You deserve it Danielle, you kept me grounded whilst so many others would have let fame get to their head. Dani you kept me, me. That's why i'm giving you this" He said as he held out a box to you. You stared in shock as you opened it. It was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. It was so simple yet so perfect. Harry could not have made a better choice. He always knew exactly what you would want. But not now. You didn't want this

"Harry, I'm sorry. The ring is perfect and so are you, but I can't do this. I'm only 22. I can't do this. Not yet." You replied. You expected him to look hurt, but he didn't. He just chuckled.

"I knew you would say that. It's not an engagement ring Dani. It's a promise ring. A promise that one day, when both of us are completely ready, we will get married" He replied and you sighed with relief. You really did love Harry, but you weren't ready to marry him. Well not yet. You smiled at him as he placed the ring on your finger. It fit perfectly, just like the shoe and Cinderella. Well Harry was your prince charming after all.

"Of course Harry. In a few years I would love to marry you" You replied. He placed his lips on yours and you replied the gesture. You really did love Harry. More than anybody could ever know.

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