One direction imagines

Decided to do some imagines. Comment your name, what boy and anything else you want included in the story. They can be cute, dirty, sad, you name it and i'll do it. Okay.... get commenting and i'll get writing


7. Courtney and Zayn

The rain poured down the window, making you feel as gloomy and dull as the weather outside. Your boyfriend of 3 years had just dumped you. His name was Zayn Malik and even the slightest thing brought back dozens of painful memories. You loved him so much. You gave your heart to him and you thought he was the one. But reality ruined you. And your heart was shattered. Most days you could just about cope, but today was different. Today he was coming to pick up the last of his belongings from the house you used to share. Whatever was left of your heart crumbled, when you saw the neatly packed boxes of his, sitting in the corner of the house. His name scribbled on them as If it was a signature. You felt like an idiot, sitting here and crying over the boy who once made you so happy. why did it have to be this way? you thought to yourself. You were in the bathroom, getting ready to go out with your friends, anything to ease the pain that wouldn't disappear. The doorbell rang and you sighed. You knew who it was. Today was the best time to face him though, unlike all the other days where you had looked like a wreck, today you looked decent. You trudged down the hall and opened the door. Your stomach dropped when you saw him. His shaggy black hair that normally looked so perfect in a quiff, hung loosely, dripping wet from the rain. He looked a mess. He squeezed past you without saying a word.

"I won't be long" He said and you nodded. He went into the room where you had kept all his stuff. You heard him packing the last of his stuff. You don't look at him, you just walk into the bathroom, finishing where you left off.

"You look good" He said, standing in the doorway. You faced him, but it was too much. You turned away from him not wanting to look into his eyes. Those sweet chocolate brown eyes you adored so much.

"Are you done?" You asked, a little harshly. You put your lipstick on and pull a kissy face in the mirror. Perfect. You catch sight of Zayn, still staring at you. He hesitated

"Yeah i'm all packed." He walked behind you, stroking your hair with his soft gentle fingertips.

"What the hell Zayn. Get your stuff and go. I'm not going through this again. I don't have any heart left for you to break" You said, snapping at him. You turn round and face him. He sighs and runs his fingers through his own hair. A look of sorrow entered his eyes.

"Listen Courtney. I know I mucked up badly. But I cant stop thinking about you. Everything I see, hear or do reminds me of you. I loved you Courtney and I still do. We all make stupid mistake and you know its true" He said. You loved the words spoken and the person who spoke them. But you couldn't risk it. Not again.

"Zayn please, just leave" You pleaded. You took your own advice and left the bathroom, Zayn right behind you. He placed his hands on your shoulders and turned you around, forcing you to look at him. He stare calmly into your eyes before attacking you lips with his. You lost all control of your body, all the pain, all the hate. Gone. All that mattered was Zayn. He pushed you into the room, practically pulling you into bed. You flopped down on the bed and he appeared above you. His tongue wiping across our lips as you open your mouth, letting the familiar tastes of cigarettes and alcohol dance on your tongue. By now Zayn had pretty much removed all of yours and his clothes. Leaving you in just your bra and knickers. Never in your relationship had it been his heated and it was now clear that this was what was missing. You wanted him. You craved hi

"I need you" You whisper sweetly into his ear whilst he kissed you passionately on the neck.

"You sure?" He asked and you nodded. You leant up and kissed his soft lips. You could hear him struggle to get his boxers off whilst he kissed your forehead. You loved him so much and you couldnt bear to be without him for any longer. He pulled off your knickers and you quickly shut your thighs, for some reason, embarrassed. He just laughed and pushed them back open.

"Don't worry babe, i'll be gentle" He promised as he went to kiss your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, placing your neck where his tattoo sat.

"I love you" You whispered, closing your eyes and waiting

"I love you to." He replied. He pressed his lips against your temple, grabbing hold of the headboard above you, his other arm holding your hips against his.

"Ready?" He asked. You hesitate, but your answer is clear, so long you have waited for this. You nodded and he jerked forwards. You bite your lip, trying to stop yourself from screaming. It hurt you so much. Zayn left trails of kisses on your cheeks, temple, forehead and lips. Trying to sooth the pain he knew you felt.

"Ugghh Zayn" You moaned, arching your hips at the new found pleasure. He chuckled and thrust forwards and backwards, both hands now on the headboard. Your legs were wrapped around his waist and your fingers drew patterns softly on his back. It was amazing how easily he slid in and out. Making you feel at ease. The sounds he produced caused you know end of pleasure. His voice as deep and slow. He made sudden gasps every now and again. He was pounding into you. His hand had moved down to your hips. His head leaning down, he shoved his tongue in you mouth. It slowly playing with yours. He moaned against your tongue as you clench around him.

"Baby i'm so close" He moaned. His thrusts were sloppy and urgent, his eyes closed tight. You grind your hips against his, taking his cock in fully

"Mmmmm Zayn..." You moan. He suddenly flips you. You sit on his dick, filled with absolute pleasure. He leans on his elbows, thrusting upwards. Running his hand down your bare back. You grabbed his knees, sliding up and down. Moaning whenever he hit you deep.

"Zaayyynn" You groan as he hits your sweet spot. You could hear his strained laugh

"I'm so close" you groaned. The words fell from your lips uncontrollably. Zayn let go of your hips, propping himself up on his elbows

"Do it yourself" He demanded. You began to bounce up and down on him, grinding yourself against him. You come hard against him, the sudden impact making his orgasm take over aswell. Zayn pushes you forward on your hands and knees, slowly leaving you now sore clit. You groan at the loss of the pleasure.

"So we're back together I guess?" He asked laying next to you. He brushed a few strands of hair from our face but you had already fallen asleep. He covered you up whilst smiling to himself. He gently kissed your cheek.

"I'll ask you later" He muttered with a smile on his face. He pulled his clothes on and went to unpack. He knew what your answer would be and he planned for you to stay together for an extremely long time

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