How to save a life

Ava and Luke have been best friends for 11 years, but Luke is drifting away. Depression has taken over him and his multiple suicide attempts have left Ava with only one option; to show her friend that life is worth living before she loses him completely.
Follow them on their journey through Lukes bucket list.

Based off the song by The Fray.


9. Authors note

I hope you enjoyed the short story! :) I have plans for other short stories based on songs at some point in the future, one for 9 crimes by Damien Rice. Check out that song if you haven't heard that!

The chapter names in this story were all quotes from the song, and some others. Specifically in early chapters before my imagination took over! (The plot itself is my invention and not an act of fan fiction.)

Also, the song is beautiful. How to save a life by The Fray. You should check it out if you haven't already! 

Now to serious business... To any of you with a friend like Luke, (I have three, My advice is valid) this story does have a meaning. The use of a bucket list can be very useful to helping someone. But really you just need to show compassion, prove you understand. Knowing people truly love you will stop anyone wanting to die. Love triumphs! Cheesy but true. 

Also always diagnose the source of their problems first. Not always in a list of what's wrong, but that can help. Tell them to write things down if they don't want to say it.

I hope this story spoke to some of you :-) Thank you again for reading. If you'd check out some of my other works you're awesome.

Feel free to comment your opinions! Advice is always welcome.

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