5 seconds of romance

Two ordinary girls attending collage one called Carla and the other emily, so secretive and never talks about there past until they met 5 seconds of summer!


1. The past

7 years ago

Emily was waiting anxiously for the arrival of her cousin Carla. She new it would take days to see a small smile after her mum had that car crash. Although Emily's aunt died she was still excited to see her cousin Carla and be living with her finally! 

(The door slammed)

"Honey your cousins here, take her to the guest room and unpack Carla things before your dad gets here, you know what will happen if you don't"

Carla looked afraid at this remark emily knew she had to tell her. Emily rushed upstairs and Carla followed shaking all the way upstairs. 

"What does your mum mean 'you know what will happen if you don't?" Questioned Carla          

"Let's just say you'll walk out of here everyday with a bloody lip and a black eye"whispered emily with a shake. Carla knew this meant abuse, and was very frightened but would risk her life for her cousin.

suddenly Carla heard foot steps in the hall way who could this be? Was it her uncle?


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