I Will Love You Forever

Samantha has found the death of her long-time boyfriend very hard and now reaching the year-long separation has caused her to realize that she can't live like this forever but how can she ever love anyone else again? When her mum takes her to a one direction concert to try and raise her spirits and attempt to show her how to have fun again, she meets someone who seems perfect but there's a couple of problems- he already has a girlfriend and is Niall Horan. The Niall Horan.


5. Chapter 5

Sitting on my bed, I absorbed the days events playing in my mind. What I said to Niall seemed perfectly logical, it made sense however, why was I so confused? 

Niall's face looked almost heartbroken when I told him that we would only ever be friends and now, somehow, I regret it. I never meant for any of this to happen but somehow, I'm kind of glad it did. Everything happens for a reason I suppose.

When two people are thrown together like that, meeting on multiple occasions by a coincidence, surely that's a sign? Perhaps even a sign from god telling me that it's time? Time to leave Matt in my memories and not constantly controlling my actions? But, what about forever? That's what he promised me, is forever over? Does Matt still love me? Who am I kidding, Matt's dead, he doesn't feel anything. 

As soon as the thought crossed my mind, I knew I couldn't take it back. How can I think such a thing? He's dead. But is he? Is he really truly dead in my heart? Or is he just being replaced? 

Millions of thoughts were now spiralling my mind. I gently laid down on my bed, hoping my head would hurt less. Before I knew it, I drifted into a deep sleep. 


The repeating picture of his smile was clouding my judgment while his deep and soulful blue eyes pulled me in. His hot breath reached my face, showing realisation of how close he actually was. Our lips touched, just gently at first. My mind blowing any pictures of Matt away, all I wanted was Niall. And I wanted him more than ever. I pulled him in even closer, the kiss becoming more lustful. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, Matt being completely gone from any trace of my heart while we kissed but I loved it. More than I should have probably. 

Suddenly, I woke up in a sweaty mess, it was a dream. It was all just a dream. The odd thing is although it was only a dream, it felt so real. My heart was racing from the excitement causing me to question whether or not it was at first. But it was definitely just a dream. 

I knew there was only one thing that would help make this 100 times clearer. Talk to my best friend, Sarah. 

Immediately, I dialled her number into my phone, impatiently waiting for her to pick up. 

"Hello?" She asked from the other side of the phone. 

"Sarah! We need to talk- it's urgent! I need your help!" 

"Well, I'm going to work in 10 minutes  but I suppose I can't chat until then?" 

"Ok, well, here's the thing, there's this boy..." I begun, my cheeks turning red by the mention of him in my sentence "and he's really lovely, I like him a lot. It's almost like when I'm with him, everything goes into slow motion and it's just us two in the world. But Sarah, do you think ever being anything but friends would be an option? I mean, what about Matt? Shouldn't I feel bad about the fact that I feel as if I'm falling in love yet it's not with Matt?"

"Aww Sam, I'm afraid I can only give you my opinion of the matter and that is Matt would be happy for you, all he ever wanted was for you to be happy. He knows that you can't love him in that manner anymore and I think he'd want you to find someone who you could love. Yeah?" 

"Thank you so much Sarah, your amazing! You know that?" 

"I know, I know. Also, remember, he'll always be looking down from heaven to you, looking out for you too." 

"Thank you Sarah, I really have to go and do something now but will talk later, bye." I basically shouted down the phone before hanging up. I needed to find Niall. I know he had a concert tonight in town and I need to go. 

Chucking a random pair of converses on along with a jumper, I sprinted downstairs and outside into the fresh air. Poking my thumb out for the bus to stop, I scanned my bus pass and entered. I needed to see Niall before the concert. 

Shortly after, I arrived at the concert hall, not having a clue how I was going to get his attention. The back door seemed to be where they entered from so I ran around the back to find a black car pulling up. Out climbed each member of one direction, hundreds of surrounding fans screaming there names. Oh god, this was going to be hard!

Finally, Niall stepped out the car looking amazing. A smile sweeping across my face from the simple sight of him. 

But then it happened. Out stepped Demi clinging onto his arm. Oh god, I forgot about her. 

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