I Will Love You Forever

Samantha has found the death of her long-time boyfriend very hard and now reaching the year-long separation has caused her to realize that she can't live like this forever but how can she ever love anyone else again? When her mum takes her to a one direction concert to try and raise her spirits and attempt to show her how to have fun again, she meets someone who seems perfect but there's a couple of problems- he already has a girlfriend and is Niall Horan. The Niall Horan.


4. Chapter 4

Sam's POV

"Dinners up Sam" my mum called up to me.

"Coming" I replied, logging off of my computer at the same time. 

It's been a week since that night at Demi's. A week since that kiss. Me and Niall have been emailing each other as he doesn't want Demi to see him texting anyone. He's actually so sweet.

I darted downstairs and sat down opposite my mum with a plateful of food in front of me. We sat and ate in silence as we do per usual. As soon as my meal was devoured, I tossed the plate into the sink and ran back upstairs, immediately checking my computer. 

"I want to see you again." We're the only words that were visible to me on the screen. Wow. Like seriously has this got out of control? I've met this guy twice? And already he's saying that he wants to see more or me? That took Matt at least 3 dates to pluck up the courage to tell me that! Oh god, there it is again. That feeling. Guilt. 

What am I doing? What about my one true love? I would never- could never have another boyfriend, could I? The guilt rushed to my head, all this overwhelmed me. I never thought I'd find true love but I did. Once was lucky but now possibly twice? Wait-what? This isn't love! Were just friends. Seriously Sam, you are over thinking this to much. 

I decided to reply by saying, "Yeah, that would be fun".

"We need to meet up then, some where no one would see us though." I concluded that that line meant that he didn't want to be seen in public as he was technically 'dating' Demi. 

"Where then?"

"I know a place that I used to go by myself when I was younger, meet me around the back of Selfridges this afternoon and I'll pick you up." As I stared at the screen, I felt my heart beat increase, my hands became moist with sweat and my breathing become heavier and more dragged out. This is officially too good to be true.

I pinched myself wanting to know if I was dreaming but when I squeezed the skin and felt the pain immediately rush to my arm, it felt good. A good type of pain that made me smile knowing that this was actually happening to me. Seriously, who on this Earth gets asked to go out with Niall fucking Horan? Just as friends obviously, that kiss was a mistake. A mistake that also felt good. I don't know why but recently the wrong thing seems to feel so right. 

"Ok then, what time?" I eventually replied, not wanting to leave him hanging. 

"2 O' Clock"

Diverting my eyes down to the corner of the computer screen I saw that the time was 1:15. Shit. It takes 20 minutes to get to Selfridges as well! 

*25 minutes later*

It's a miracle. I actually got dressed with time to spare. My casual outfit consists of a plain white tank top paired with some denim shorts and a comfy brown cardigan. To be fair, it wasn't the most glamorous outfit alive but I had no idea where he was taking me so what was I supposed to do?


I ran outside while grabbing the car keys and called out to my mum,

"I'll be home later, bye!"

*1 hour later*

Niall picked me up dead on 2 O' Clock and has taken me to this quiet park. Apparently, when he was younger he used to come here with his guitar and write songs, this is where he got his inspiration from. 

"So, do you like it?" Niall whispered to me as we stared out of the woods, inhaling the beauty of the nature surrounding us.

"Yeah, it's just so beautiful." I whispered back as if not wanting to disturb anything, this moment needed to stay perfectly still in my mind. One of those few perfect moments that makes all the other bad moments worthwhile. 

"Not the only beautiful thing here." He whispered in my ear, causing goosebumps to form.

"I'm sorry Niall, I really am!" I said at normal tone now, standing up from my former position. He's face showed a confused expression, that beautiful face... Oh shit Sam, you need to end this now!

"This" I indicated between us both, "Can never be more."

"More than what?" He questioned, looking as confused as ever. 

"More than friends, Niall, please, can we just be friends? Nothing more than that?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, being your friend would still be cool because Sam your an amazing person, you really are." He attempted to smile however, I could see the hurt in his eyes and his face was not nearly as bright as it normally is. I felt terrible. I never meant to hurt anyone but I just can't do this. My Matt. What about him? I still love him. I will love him forever.

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