I Will Love You Forever

Samantha has found the death of her long-time boyfriend very hard and now reaching the year-long separation has caused her to realize that she can't live like this forever but how can she ever love anyone else again? When her mum takes her to a one direction concert to try and raise her spirits and attempt to show her how to have fun again, she meets someone who seems perfect but there's a couple of problems- he already has a girlfriend and is Niall Horan. The Niall Horan.


3. Chapter 3



"Sam, do you trust me?" He whispered into my ear from behind, instantly sending shivers down my spine. 

"Yeah, why?" I whispered back to him. 

"Then you'd trust me if I told you I loved you, yeah?"


"Well, I love you and you no I mean it, yeah?"

"Yeah, I love you too."

"Good, now back to sleep now."

"Ok then."

*End of flashback*

I continued to stare at the wall in front of me, thinking of the memories I shared with Matt. All those memories had been built up over time and what did they lead up to? Death. Forget. Pain. Hurt. 

My phone buzzed by my foot, indicating a message from Sarah, my best friend. She works as a hair stylist for celebrities and always alerts me after styling the hair for the most famous celebrities. 


Becoming more alert about the situation, I dialed her number and placed the phone next to my ear.

"What happened?!" I immediately asked.

"Omygod! I did Demi Lovato's hair today and she was so lovely! We were chatting and she mentioned that she's having a party tonight and said I should totally come and bring someone with me, I can hardly breathe! I'm so excited!!"

She sounded like a lovely girl, she sounded as if she deserved someone like Niall and he probably deserved her. They sounded perfect for each other but why did this improper feeling of jealousy fill me when I thought about her? Even when her name was mentioned?

"So, your going?" I finally asked, trying to sound as happy for her as possible.

"DUHH! Of course I'm going, it's Demi Fucking Lovato's party! And your coming with me!" 

"I am?"

"Yeahhhhh! I'll pick you up at 6:30, bye!" She quickly said before hanging up, leaving me with no choice. Noticing the time was already 5:45, I rushed over to my wardrobe and started to tear out random dresses that I owned till I found one from my 18th birthday party. It had only been wore once and still looked amazing. It was a short white lace dress that had sleeves as well. 


Once I slipped it on, I examined my appearance in the mirror and approved. I allowed my natural curls to fall around my face and wore minimum make-up to show a more 'natural' look. The door bell rung and I attempted to run downstairs in my heels before swinging the front door open and pulling Sarah into my embrace. 

As I took a step back, I saw that she was wearing a cream and turquoise dress making her look even more stunning than usual. Her blonde hair was curled and she had her 6-inch heels on, making her look a lot taller than me, as per usual. She was already 5 foot 7 without heels so you can imagine how she was towering over me who stood at 5 foot 3. My attempts to wear heels still made me look short.



As soon as we arrived at the location, both our mouths formed 'O' shapes as we tried to soak in every second of a celebrities party. Like a REAL celebrities party. As we entered Demi's house, no, mansion, Sarah waved at her and they both started a conversation. 

"And your name is?" she asked, after finally acknowledging me. She looked down at me as if I was a peasant, her nose high in the air. She most certainly wasn't as lovely as Sarah had made her out to be. She was a snob and I didn't like her already, after only knowing her for 10 minutes. I didn't like her at all. 


"Oh, well it's nice to meet you Sam." she falsely smiled before turning around and making her way towards another group of people. 

"Isn't she so lovely?" Sarah said after she had walked away.

"Totally" I agreed, obviously not meaning it. Sarah didn't actually notice the sarcasm in my tone so I decided to leave the subject alone. 

The mansion soon became cramped full of people, majority of which I recognized. I needed some air. I was claustrophobic and did not appreciate being crowded into a mansion like this. 

"I'm just going to go to the toilet" I whispered to Sarah before slipping outside. The mansion was surrounded by a giant garden so I began to walk. I came across a beautiful concrete gazebo that had tiny fairy lights circulated around it. I stood inside it and looked out to the stars.

"Sam. Right?" someone said from behind me, causing me to jump. 

"Yeah." I smiled as I turned around to come face-to-face with him. 

"Are you not enjoying the party? It's your girlfriends after all?" I questioned Niall.

"Please don't call her that. She's anything but my girlfriend." he said, disgusted at the mention of her, confusing me even further. 

"She's not? But I read an article that said-"

"No", he interrupted me with, "well, technically, she is because management said so but were not together by choice because honestly, she'd be my last choice."

"Oh, I didn't realize."

"So, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No" I almost whispered to him.

"So it wouldn't be wrong if I kissed you..." he whispered to me.

"No, it would because you have a 'girlfriend'" I whispered back, making sure to put apostrophes around the 'girlfriend' part. 

"But technically she's not my girlfriend" he whispered, taking a step towards me.

"But technically I don't think she'd like you kissing other girls."

"But technically she doesn't have to know." He whispered to me earning a slight smile and before I knew it, we were so close to our lips touching. His breathe against my face, making me notice the reality of what was about to happen. My first kiss since Matt. 

We both filled the gap between each other, kissing so softly and moving closer together. My hands made their way away around his neck as his around my waist. A slow kiss that showed me all the love I had missing for a whole year. It showed me the sort love like Matt used to show me. That same feeling that erupted inside my stomach every time our lips touched, how I'd craved to just feel that sort of feeling again. And here it was. Not with Matt but with Niall. Maybe he could fix me? This sort of feeling doesn't come from just anyone, it comes from that one person in your life who means so much to you. It comes as a result of love. Yes, I just used the L-word and it wasn't for Matt, was that wrong? I don't know but it feel good, almost too good to be true. 

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