I Will Love You Forever

Samantha has found the death of her long-time boyfriend very hard and now reaching the year-long separation has caused her to realize that she can't live like this forever but how can she ever love anyone else again? When her mum takes her to a one direction concert to try and raise her spirits and attempt to show her how to have fun again, she meets someone who seems perfect but there's a couple of problems- he already has a girlfriend and is Niall Horan. The Niall Horan.


2. Chapter 2


"Were here!" My mum squealed from next to me, sounding much more excited than me. 

I stepped out the car into the dark air surrounding me which was strange considering it was only 6:30. I breathed in and out forming smoke do descend from my mouth as it was very cold. 

As soon as we took our seats, very close to the stage, the song "Kiss You" begun and all the boys ran out onto the stage. Girls near me begun to cry and scream hysterically over this boy band, I didn't realize how famous they actually were I suppose. As the song ended, the whole arena was filled with screams which I admittedly did add to, it was contagious! 

*2 hours later*

"This last song is called little things and you may of heard of it, do join in if you know the words" said the Irish boy, named Niall.

The slow song made me think of Matt, all the memories of him flooded back, the way he used to tell me I was perfect, it was as if it was something he would sing to me. I was soon distracted when Niall begun to sung his part, staring at me intently the whole time. His voice soothed my thoughts and made me think of the happy times, I eventually found myself smiling at him as he sung. Before it knew, the concert was over and I was still smiling, maybe it worked.

"Come on Sam, let's go!" Mum said with urgency noticeable in her voice.

"Why? Where are we going?"

"To meet them of course! I bought us meet and greet tickets!"

"Mum, that's awesome!" I enthusiastically said, pulling her in for a hug.

We were now right at the front of the queue, waiting to meet the boys. Maybe I should ask Niall why he stared at me while singing little things? No. Stupid idea Sam. He probably didn't even realize he was doing it.

I stepped forward when it was our turn and looked at the boys while smiling, they all seemed genuinely nice guys.

"Hi, I'm Sam." I said to them with a happy tone of voice and a smile stuck on my face permanently.

"Hi Sam" Niall said looking at me confused, as if trying to work something out.

"I sung to you." he finally said.

"Yeah" I blushed slightly at the thought of him even remembering my face amongst the thousands of girls present. 

"So how old are you Sam?" he questioned, as if he actually cared about what I had to say.

"I'm 19, 20 soon though."

"Same!" He loudly responded as if it was the biggest coincidence alive.

"So, whens your birthday?" He asked, looking at me with eyes that showed he actually cared about what I was about to say, Matt used to look at me like that, all the time. Even when I was babbling on about the most boring subject alive, he'd pretend that he cared so as not to hurt my feelings. That was one of the many things that I loved him for.

"Erm" I stuttered, snapping out of my thoughts, "October the 13th".

"Really? That means I'm exactly one month older than you!"

Niall then begun to chuckle a bit other nothing which kind of made me join in and soon we were both laughing about absolutely nothing, we must have looked like crazy people! 

"Dude, were never going to finish these meet and greets if we don't move on now." Liam said to Niall which made his face drop slightly.

"Oh, ok then, well, it was nice talking to you Sam."

"Yeah, you too, bye."

"Bye." he almost whispered, both of us focusing on each others eyes which I broke off after about another minute and moved along with my mum.


I was searching through the internet, just randomly looking at things like music and celebrity news when I stopped on a particular article. 

"Niall Horan and Demi Lovato make their relationship official"

I hadn't thought a lot about Niall since the concert last week so it came as a shock to me to see him headlining on the papers. I clicked onto the article and began to read more about Demi Lovato becoming Niall Horan's official girlfriend. What? I didn't think he was seeing someone! Why did this break my heart so much? I hardly know this boy and yet he's had such an effect on me, it's as if he's got me under his spell. 

Nialls POV

I actually hate management now. They're forcing me to have a girlfriend so that Demi can become more famous. I would totally be up for helping her out if she was a decent person but that's the thing, she's not. She doesn't stop moaning about every little thing I do and tells me how ridiculous I am all the time, how am I supposed to put up with her for another 4 months?! Did management not think how this could affect me? What if I meet someone that I want to date? Well, I can't. Not for another 4 months at least. Great. Fucking great.

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