Hot Chocolate

Bella Roberts lives in Cornwall with her Dad, Jack, in a seaside town called St Ives. Jack is delighted when he hears the news of a job transfer to Bristol when he learns it will pay twice as much as his job in St Ives. Bella is not. She is forced to leave her friends and her peaceful life in St Ives for a new life in the bustling city of Bristol.

I'm really sorry if you're upset by any of the issues raised in this story.


5. Everything has changed

 I walked into the cafe in a daze. Everything was so new and different: the streets, the shops, the people. I still couldn't get my head around living anywhere apart from St Ives, I'd never had to before: I'd lived in St Ives all my life.


I wandered slowly to the back of the queue where I stood behind a little old man. He must have been at least 70 but he hardly reached my shoulders. What was left of his thinning hair was pure white, I figured it must have been blond before. He also had piercing blue eyes. He was cute though, with a thoughtful smile on his face as he slowly hobbled to a table with his tray. 

"Can I help you?" a deep voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Just a h..." Woah! I thought. As I looked up a the boy standing in front of me, "Just a hot chocolate, please," I said wide-eyed, placing the money on the counter. He giggled at my expression before turning to make my drink. He returned with a mug of hot chocolate with a carefully crafted cocoa heart on top. Underneath he had written on the napkin, it read,


George x

His eyes matched the cocoa heart, endless, and his hair was the colour of chocolate caramel. I grabbed the hot chocolate quickly and, embarrassed, I found a table.


Once I had finished my hot chocolate George came over to my table, "Good?" I nodded dumbstruck. He giggled again, "Can I sit?

"Er... Of course but aren't you meant to be working?"

"No, my shift just ended and I'm in charge of locking up."

"What do you mean locking up?"

"We close at 7..."

I panicked, "Is that the time? Dad will be worrying. I ought to get going."

"Oh..." He looked disappointed, "Alright, well, see you soon?" I nodded back at him as I left the cafe.

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