Hot Chocolate

Bella Roberts lives in Cornwall with her Dad, Jack, in a seaside town called St Ives. Jack is delighted when he hears the news of a job transfer to Bristol when he learns it will pay twice as much as his job in St Ives. Bella is not. She is forced to leave her friends and her peaceful life in St Ives for a new life in the bustling city of Bristol.

I'm really sorry if you're upset by any of the issues raised in this story.


4. A New Start

The house was empty, a lifeless, cream-coloured shell. Once the furniture was set out in my room I began to unpack my belongings; pink money-boxes, CD's and Jewellery, nothing of any significant sentimental value. Until I came across an old photo; it was of my Mum and I on the beach. I was only about 11 years old at the time and Mum was only 2 months into her chemotherapy so she’d shaved her hair off and was wearing a purple silk bandana that Dad had bought her. That was 4 months before she died; her chemotherapy failed and her brain tumour eventually killed her. Tears blurred my eyes until my Mum’s smiling face was just a pale blur next to mine.

“Bella?” Dad asked, stepping into my room, “Are you alright?” I could not answer as I broke into tears. Dad walked over slowly and hugged me tightly, “She loves you, Bella,” he paused, “It’s a new start for us now, eh? And we've got each other.”


After my sobbing had calmed I dried my eyes and blew my nose. I walked into the bathroom and splashed my face with some water; the cold felt amazing on my hot, salty skin. I checked quickly in the mirror that my blotchy face had died down and I grabbed my jumper,

“Dad,” I shouted from the front doorway, “I’m going on a walk to see what’s around here.”

“Alright darling, be careful!”


I rolled my eyes as I left even though no-one could see. It was a beautiful day out, warm and dry but with a cool breeze in the air. The smell of fresh pine filled my nose and the sound of birdsong was all around. I sighed,

A new start I thought to myself.


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