Hot Chocolate

Bella Roberts lives in Cornwall with her Dad, Jack, in a seaside town called St Ives. Jack is delighted when he hears the news of a job transfer to Bristol when he learns it will pay twice as much as his job in St Ives. Bella is not. She is forced to leave her friends and her peaceful life in St Ives for a new life in the bustling city of Bristol.

I'm really sorry if you're upset by any of the issues raised in this story.


6. 07238573274

I sat on my bed staring at the crinkled napkin. Haven't I kept him waiting long enough I thought. I took a deep breath and began typing the numbers into my phone 0 7 2 3 8 5 7 3 2 7 4. I paused and then finally pressed the dial button, it was ringing. 

"Hello, who is this?" George asked.

"It's me, Bella, from the cafe the other night. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself then."

"Ah, Bella, that's a beautiful name, well I guess that's what it means so it must be." 

"So, how are you?" I asked awkwardly.

"Good, thanks. You?" 

"Er, yeah, good thanks." We sat in silence for what seemed like forever.

"Ok, I'm just going to say this then. Will you go on a date with me?"

"Sure, where to?" After I'd said it I heard him sigh with relief.


I was unpacking the last of the boxes when I came across my photo album from St Ives. I was flicking through the photos of my Dad and I when I came across a photo that shocked me so that I almost dropped the album. It was of Harry, I'd completely forgotten he'd even existed until now. "I'll always love you" was the promise he had made to me on the day I left St Ives and now only a few days later I had forgotten about him and agreed to go on a date with another guy. Guilt washed over me. I really fancy George and surely it's just a date but seeing Harry's face again made me realise how much I missed him. I lay down on my bed and shook my head as I thought about what I had done.

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