Grace Academy

Anna is rebellious, wild and creative. So is Cat, her best friend at school. Then the summer holiday comes, Cat is away in Turkey, and Anna's Mother is too busy with her job as Head of Queenville. Then one day her Mother announces the new school opening in the area, Grace Academy! Anna is forced to attend for the holidays and maybe she will be transferred from her old school to Grace Academy forever!


6. The Meeting

'Thank you, everyone for coming along,' began Anna's mother, smiling sweetly at the formal people sat in front of her. Not a single person smiled back. Miserable people, she thought but continued her talk.

'Now, last year, if I can recall, the head of Queensville decided to add more cafés to the city and that was a good choice if I may so myself however,' she said, looking at her audience. They were all sat still and stiff, their poker faces on.

'It did not help the economy as much as they had hoped. Too many people were spending money and we actually increased the country's obesity level. I have thought incredibly carefully about my idea to help this city and I have decided to focus it on education.' A murmur arose from the audience and for the second time Anna's mother smiled. She looked at Anna, who was sat bored in the corner, and Anna gave her a thumbs up.

'What do you think about education today?' she asked and almost immediately a loud noise arose from the table.

'Quiet, quiet, quiet please!' she yelled, trying to quiet down the people sat at the oval table. They fell silent and she sighed, pulling down the end of her blazer.

'Why don't we go round?' she suggested and gestured at the person to her right.

'I think that we do need more education, all those youngsters wandering around on the streets with no brains.' Anna's mother nodded in agreement. The rest of the comments were the same and Anna's mother nodded constantly.

'Which is why I have a bought my smart daughter along to tell you what she wants in a school so she will come along and not bunk off or dislike it. Come up here Anna.' Anna walked over and stood in front of the bored looking audience.

'Hello there, my name is Anna Summers and I personally do not bunk off but some of my friends do and the reason they so is because not only do they find it boring, but they are creative and the school's do not let them express themselves. If school's focused on creativity more, they would not bunk and enjoy school for I find if you enjoy something, you put more effort into it and really achieve the best you can. Thank you,' she said and sat down. No one smiled back or thanked her or applauded her.

'Thank you Anna and due to her ideas I am planning a new school which students can attend for the summer. It's unique and creative and exciting. I am hiring fully qualified teachers to teach them. So this year I am introducing a new school called Grace Academy and my daughter will be attending!'

'Wait, WHAT?' cried Anna in shock.

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