Grace Academy

Anna is rebellious, wild and creative. So is Cat, her best friend at school. Then the summer holiday comes, Cat is away in Turkey, and Anna's Mother is too busy with her job as Head of Queenville. Then one day her Mother announces the new school opening in the area, Grace Academy! Anna is forced to attend for the holidays and maybe she will be transferred from her old school to Grace Academy forever!


5. Texting

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY I RAN AWAY. I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN IN TURKEY. IT SOUNDS LIKE AN AMAZING PLACE. WISH I COULD GO THERE. A X There, Anna thought, placing down her phone beside her. Her Mum had turned the TV on so she sat back and relaxed, waiting for her phone to vibrate. Soon enough, it did. THAT'S A LOT OF O'S. WHT MADE U CHANGE UR MIND? U LOOKED SO ANGRY BCK THERE. C X Anna sighed. Cat was appalling when it came to spelling and grammar. She usually abbreviated it or used what Anna called "text talk". Anna looked at her Mum who was sitting upright on the armchair opposite Anna, her white and black striped pencil skirt and clean blouse crisp with no creases. Her Mum was a total neat freak. LET'S JUST SAY A TALL, OLD-ISH LOOKING FAIRY IN A PENCIL SKIRT, BLOUSE AND HEAD OF QUEENVILLE SASH TALKED TO ME AND MADE ME CHANGE MY MIND. I'M SORRY FOR BEING ANGRY AND CROSS. I WAS STUPID. A X Two minutes later, Anna's phone vibrated again. She picked it up and laughed. SO UR MUM SAT U DWN WITH A HOT DRNK AND TLKD TO U BOUT HOW U WOULD FEEL IF I WAS U AND TOLD U TO SND A MSSGE TO ME SAYIN SORRY RIGHT? C X Cat had got her sussed. YEAH, PRETTY MUCH. I ALSO FELT BAD AND I WAS GOING TO TEXT YOU TO SAY SORRY AT ONE POINT, PROBABLY NEXT WEEK, BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. SO WE'RE FRIENDS? A X Another message from Cat: YEAH WE R MATES AGAIN. WHT WAS THAT BOUT A SASH ON UR MUM? C X Anna replied: OH, MY MUM WAS ELECTED HEAD OF QUEENSVILLE SO YOU BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU DO OR SHE'LL FIND OUT AND PUNISH YOU SOME HOW. HAHAHA. A X She smiled as she sent it, knowing Cat would laugh when she saw it. WELL, ILL B IN TURKEY WONT I? SAY CONGRATS 4 ME PLZ. C X Anna felt a pang in her chest as she read the message. She was right. Cat would be in Turkey. But not for the entire time, thought Anna, trying to cheer herself up. WILL DO. A X There, thought Anna. Cat can't really reply to that, so now I can watch TV in peace.
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