Grace Academy

Anna is rebellious, wild and creative. So is Cat, her best friend at school. Then the summer holiday comes, Cat is away in Turkey, and Anna's Mother is too busy with her job as Head of Queenville. Then one day her Mother announces the new school opening in the area, Grace Academy! Anna is forced to attend for the holidays and maybe she will be transferred from her old school to Grace Academy forever!


4. Talking To Mum


Anna sat on the comfy sofa, head in hands, her face covered with her mass of brown/blond hair. Her mother came in, setting two mugs of coffee down on the oak table. She sat down next to Anna and rubbed circles around her back.

'Anna, dear, what's wrong?'

'Nothing,' sobbed Anna.

'It's obviously something because you wouldn't be crying otherwise. Are you not happy for me being elected Head?' Anna shook her head and let out another loud sob.

'No, I am happy but, Cat...' she trailed off. A lump was in her throat as she thought about her friend. 

'What about Cat?' Her Mum asked and Anna sighed through her tears.

'Cat is leaving and going to Turkey for the summer. So I can't spend summer with her and she can't help with the project. She's left me, left me!' She burst into another fit of sobs. 

'She hasn't left you Anna, she's just gone somewhere else. Are you two still friends?'

'I don't know,' Anna said truthfully.

'I ran away from her when she told me and she hasn't called or texted me.'

'Oh Anna,' sighed her Mum.

'You are a little drama queen.' Anna stood up suddenly.

'I am not a drama queen!' she yelled. Her Mum sat her back down.

'I can't say you aren't a drama queen, but think about it differently. How does Cat feel?' Anna shrugged.

'Well, she might be happy. She's going on holiday abroad. I bet, if we went abroad in the holidays, you'd be happy and Cat would be sad. One way or another one person is going to feel sad. Put yourself in Cat's shoes. She must feel awful, but she isn't going to turn down a holiday is she? You certainly wouldn't. So, dry your eyes and text Cat to apologise. I'll find you someone else to work with.' Anna sighed and nodded. She knew her Mum was right. She took a sip of her coffee, enjoying the hot liquid slip down her throat, and then took out her phone to text Cat. 


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