Grace Academy

Anna is rebellious, wild and creative. So is Cat, her best friend at school. Then the summer holiday comes, Cat is away in Turkey, and Anna's Mother is too busy with her job as Head of Queenville. Then one day her Mother announces the new school opening in the area, Grace Academy! Anna is forced to attend for the holidays and maybe she will be transferred from her old school to Grace Academy forever!


3. Head of Queensville


Anna didn't stop running until she reached her house. Tears were falling fast down her cheeks and she couldn't hold them back. They eventually stopped as she reached her front door, so she rubbed her eyes furiously. Fumbling wildly around in her bag, she discovered her house key and slotted it into the lock. Her mind was still racing and she just couldn't get out of her mind all the things her and Cat were meant to do together. It really hurt her knowing Cat was just pushing her off like this, rejecting her, saying she didn't want to be with her because she preferred visiting Turkey. Twisting the key, Anna unlocked the door and walked in. The house was empty and silent. Just how Anna liked it. She dropped her bag down against the wall and shuffled into the kitchen, wiping her eyes. Opening the fridge, she poured herself a large glass of freezing orange juice and went upstairs. She reached the top, walked along the upstairs hall and stopped outside her bedroom door. Something was inside. It was making strange noises, and a sort of sound that sounded suspiciously like a duvet cover being torn...

'Snazz!' yelled Anna, shoving open her door to discover her ginger tabby cat clawing viciously at her bright pink duvet cover. She set down her orange juice. 

'Naught boy, ripping up my sheets, silly boy!' Ann scolded, picking Snazz up and dropping him on the floor. 

'Mum is going to kill me when she sees this!' Hurriedly she stripped off the cover, leaving just her thick duvet. The rips were long and different widths, some thin some quite wide. She looked desperately around her room for somewhere to hide the cover when she spotted her sign.


Anna smiled. She had made that herself last year.

'Anything that goes wrong,' she murmured, lifting up the sheet.

'Can be changed with creativity,' her eyes scoured the room and she spotted a leopard printed sheet poking out of her cupboard. 

'I know,' she said excitedly and ran over to the cupboard, taking out the leopard print sheet. She walked over to her bed, put the leopard print sheet over her duvet then put the ripped pink sheet on top of the leopard print one. Through the rips you could see the leopard print pattern but the bright pink one was still there. It looked funky and creative. Anna smiled.

'Thanks Snazz,' she whispered, picking up her furry friend and giving him a hug. She dropped him onto the bed and walked over to her desk. 

'Rotten Mrs Green, giving us homework. Who cares about William the Conqueror and the stupid Domesday Book? Not me that's for sure.' She sighed and sat down, opening her book and grabbing a pen. 


'I'm home!' called a voice from downstairs. Anna smiled. Mum's home. She stood up and ran downstairs. Her Mum stood in the doorway, smiling. Draped over her was a sash saying HEAD OF QUEENSVILLE. 

'Oh my God Mum, that's amazing. Congratulations!' gushed Anna, running over to give her Mum a hug. 

'Thank you darling. We're starting a new project and since I'm the head, I get to run it. Maybe you and Cat can help me since it's focusing on your age category.' Anna went to say Cat couldn't help, but instead she burst out crying.

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