Nisha love to dance but she's scared to talk infront of a group of people .her sister Alizey loves art and is not afraid of anything.when nisha and Alizey get bullied by there crush will nisha let niall horan do this to her everyday and not tell Alizey or will Alizey beat the life out of niall horan .FIND OUT IN LOVING HER!!




 nisha was crying on the table." Niall take me away please " she said. " but don't u want to meet my friends please nisha they'll like u very much please " I said . I lifted he head up and she saw her sister. She gave her a death glare and looked at the table." Any way guy this is nisha and that's NISHAS sister Alizey " I said to the boys. " hi I'm louis nice to meet y'all " louis said .to funny only Lou." Hi I'm zayn and I'm liam " zayn and liam said.harry just stood quiet .he was looking a my nisha . Well in my head she's mine ." I'm harry " harry fianally said only starring at nisha ." Nice to meet u all but ima go to the loo so please excuse me " she said whiling a tear of her face .i followed her .


i went to the loo and was washing my hands ." We'll look who we have here a newbie ay " I heard a girls voice saw . I walked as fast as I can and ran back by my locker." Woo nisha hey babe how's it going " I heared him say. OH GOSH WHY IS HE HERE." Hi jeremy what u doing here " I said about to cry again . " I just looking for my baby I missed u " he said .ugh Im not his baby anymore." Um I have a boyfriend and u hurt me when u said u wasn't" I said. " fine but il, win u back when u break up with him "he said ." We'll guess what jay I'm never going to " I said loudly. Niall came running up to me with his hands hugging me. He's so HOTT. I wish he was my boyfriend but he's to hot for me . " come on nisha lets go back to the table" Niall said in his loves cute and beautiful Irish accent . Well in real life I'm 10•/• Irish .  " Niall whould u get mad if I said I have a ex boyfriend who chancing me . I said


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