Nisha love to dance but she's scared to talk infront of a group of people .her sister Alizey loves art and is not afraid of anything.when nisha and Alizey get bullied by there crush will nisha let niall horan do this to her everyday and not tell Alizey or will Alizey beat the life out of niall horan .FIND OUT IN LOVING HER!!


8. chapter 6


what is she talking about any way .so  "zayn tell nisha about ur self " I say ." Well I'm zayn Malik I can't dance I love to draw and jaut letting u know don't touch the hair " zayn said .oh brother zayn is kind of consetied ." Louis" I say ."HELLO I'm louis William TOMLISON and I like soccer I am taken and I like girls who eat carrots .nisha chuckled ." hi I'm liam James payne ,I love to sing I am sophomore just like louis I like girls with blue eyes " liam said . "hi I'm harry harry styles I like the color black I love having a good laugh so yea that explains me " Harold said . Wow sad he's never like this ." Hi I'm PAGIE I love to sing I can act and well I'm best friends with nisha and she lives to dance I mean loves and lives " PAGIE said ." fuck " nisha said loudly ..DOOOOOOM ." Well guys nice to meet u all I'll see u tomorrow ill see u later niall and ZAYN .I walked out of the cafeteria ." Hey watch it dope " some girl with brown hair and brown eyes said to me ." Sorry my mistake " I said kindly." No sorry dosnt cut it  " she said . She grabbed me and put me tossed the wall . This day is getting better and better isn't it ."ASHLEY STOP " I herd  jeremy say .SHIZNETZZ.


I RAN AND WENT TO MY NEXT CLASS SHOP YEA . ~_~ .i have ceramics class but right now she pergo so I have to go to a different class witch is Mr.Healy the guitar teacher . I thought he would let me play with the other kids but guess what I had to do , color the United States and write the states on the sheat of paper he gave me .guess what my prize was . a lolipop that I can. Get from the store around the coner .yup sucks for me but it's last period yeaa so schools almost over 

i hope it ends well for me cause school is starting out horrible for me .

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