Nisha love to dance but she's scared to talk infront of a group of people .her sister Alizey loves art and is not afraid of anything.when nisha and Alizey get bullied by there crush will nisha let niall horan do this to her everyday and not tell Alizey or will Alizey beat the life out of niall horan .FIND OUT IN LOVING HER!!




i can't wait to see Nialls newfriend .i bets he ugly thou cuz all the girls that are Nialls friends are ugly except Perrie and  Eleanor .

the day went by pretty fast so it's almost lunch in 10 mins .i ran to go hurry to lunch when I saw this beautiful girl with brown  strait hair .she was so beautiful I stop running and walked slowly.she was listing to music and was jamming to it . She didn't pay attention and she bumped into me and she fell. " Are u ok " I said nicely ." Um yeah sorry I was just jamming to my rock n roll sorry " she said . Wow her thick births accent is so peaceful ." I'm Alizey by the way " she said . Alizey what a nice name . " I'm liam and u have a very nice name " I said smiling . " sorry for the short conversation liam but I have to chatch up to my sister so we can meet her new friend ill talk to u later " she said . " ok bye Ally " I said. She ran to words a girl with beautiful brown waves hair and had a nice dress on .i walked past the to get a closer look . Alizey was putting on the girls makeup  and her make up to . I think Alizey is a rock girl cuz she was wearing black boots the short ones not the big ones.


     I was trying to look my best but I had to much makeup so I told Ally to put so blush and lip stick on me." Don't worry u look fine nisha" she said . "Really show me or prove it " I said scared.  "Liam come over here " she said to a cute boy with a small quiff ." Liam do u think she looks nice yes or no " she said to liam I guess that's his name ." She look very nice " he said i ran to the bath room to see my self .i looked horrible . I put water on and washed the make up out . I then just put lipstick and went to the lunch room looking for Niall .i was racing trying to find niall when I bumped into a curly haired boy with emeral green eyes .

". Hello love are u lost " he said. " hi I'm looking for my friend niall " I said scared looking at the floor . I'm such an idiot I'm always scared of pepole .  " oh so ur the girl he's been talking about all day " he said . I just fell red .i walked with him to find niall liam my sister a mother guy with a black quiff and Louis the boy I meet earler .

" guys this is nisha the girl I been telling u about " Niall said 

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