Nisha love to dance but she's scared to talk infront of a group of people .her sister Alizey loves art and is not afraid of anything.when nisha and Alizey get bullied by there crush will nisha let niall horan do this to her everyday and not tell Alizey or will Alizey beat the life out of niall horan .FIND OUT IN LOVING HER!!




" my name is niall horan I am 16 years old I'm from Ireland I play guitar and I sing I'm trying to find a producer and have the 4 best friends anyone cn have " Niall said i smiled to his accent .it was a thick Irish accent I just want to hug him." Tell me about u " he said .no I'm super scared now .just look at the floor nisha like u always do. "My name is nisha Ortiz I'm from P.R. But I'm also BRITSH I live to dance I work at star bucks now I just moved here a week ago and I HAVEA sister named Alizey she's very consisted about her hair " I whispered the end about her being concied and all? She chuckled i smiled.he got up and helped me up. " I can't belive a nice girl is super shy to talk o someone  u are very nice nisha " he said .thanks niall .i said . " u want to meet my friends later at lunch " he said excitedly ." Of course niall "  bye I said walking out of the bathroom .idont know but I think I like naill a little .


i saw liam waiting by the bathroom door . " sorry liam that I'm late" I said ." Why u took so long ur always ontime " liam said . " we'll sorry about that mate while u were talking 100 years in the Lou I heared a girl scream I HATE MY LIFE AND STUFF so I went to the girls bathroom and saw the girl I bullie pd earlier , I slammed her to the door and I said sorry and I told her every thing about he and she told me her weakness " I finshed saying out of breath." Wow is she ok what's her name whats her weakness " liam asked . " #1 yes she was crying ALITTLE #2 her name is NIsha #3 I can't tell u sorry mate " I said . " that's ok I understand can i meet her laser in lunch " liam said excitedly . " yes mate she GANNA sit with us in lunch so u all will meet her " I said in a happy tone .vthe day went by fast it was already time for lunch so I waited for her and the lads 


 hello baby carrots ima write 2M I'm very tired and my sis is begging me to go to sleep so good night loves


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