Nisha love to dance but she's scared to talk infront of a group of people .her sister Alizey loves art and is not afraid of anything.when nisha and Alizey get bullied by there crush will nisha let niall horan do this to her everyday and not tell Alizey or will Alizey beat the life out of niall horan .FIND OUT IN LOVING HER!!




pic saw a beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes . Ok just letting every one know i bullie girls I like ok it's just happens so dont get mad bc I always get mad at myself when I do that ok.

i was wiling fast to her she was wearing a beautiful tight dress on the top was pink lace and the bottom was tigh black skirt .she only had bow earrings and lig gloss.she looks beautiful .i ran u

 other a SLAMMED her on the locker I heared the bump in her back ." MY NAMES NIALL HORAN WHATS URS" I yelled at her ." NISHA " she whimpered .i saw a tear came out her eye . I let her go and she ran to the bathroom .i was by the bath room waiting for liam to hurry so we can get to class ." I HATE MY LIFE I WANT TO DIE KILL ME NOW GOD PLEASE" I heared a girl scream.i was so curious to find out who .i went in the girls bathroom to see the last stall opened . " are u ok " I said softly ." Leave me alone niall please ". Nisha said while crying .i leaned on the walk and slid own across from her ." I'm sorry nisha for what I did to u I can't control myself I'm really sorry  ' I said about to cry. I put both of my hands on my face ." Niall don't cry please don't cry I'm fine and it's alright I get bullied all the time I'm use to it it's just I'm not use to talking face to face with pepole I just met and I get scared and afraid  that I might do the wrong thing and not be completed just please don't cry " she said with her BRITSH accent that makes me want to bear hug her . I put my hands down from my face and looked at her beautiful brown eyes ." Ur scared of talking " I said ." Yes that's one of my weaknesses in life and ur the second person I told besides my sister ." U shouldn't be scared because without h in this school the school will not be completed.and I'm sorry I didn't start off the right way can we start over  " I said sadly ." Sure stranger" she said while I chuckled . Ok my name is 


lol got u again ima update in a few love u baby carrots


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