The Affair - hold -

This is a story about Elena, a girl who has it all; the wonderful family, the beautiful famous boyfriend, and the amazing friends. But a girl who has it all will do something that could lose it all.


2. Get a Room

"Niall! nnniall stop!" I squealed through my giggling. I lay on the couch at the studio with Niall on top of me tickling me. "but its too much fun" he said as he went for my waist. I started laughing more as his hands moved over me. "Niall please!" I begged for him to stop. He finally stopped and leaned down placing a kiss on my lips. when he pulled away he was smiling and got off of me. "Hey I didn't say stop kissing" I winked. I grabbed his collar and pulled him towards me. "I like the kissing" he let out one of his angelic laughs and pecked my lips. "hey" I pouted and let go of his collar. He placed his hands on either side of my face and looked me in the eyes. "I love you" he said before connecting our lips. even though weve been saying I love you for a month now it still gets my heart beating faster. I felt his soft kiss turn into a deeper one more passionate and I parted my lips letting him in. my hands rested on his chest as his made their way up my waist. I let out a small moan when he reached my breasts. he smiled against my lips. "Oh come on guys!! cant you get a room?" Niall and I pulled apart and were blushing as Liam and my best friend Nelly walked into the lounge. "sorry" I said. Nelly winked at me. "aw don't be I think you guys are cute." she said as she intwined her fingers with Liam. Liam smiled at her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I smiled as I watched how adorable they were. Niall leaned over and whispered into my ear. "we will finish later" I blushed thinking of being together with Niall back at our flat. Louis, Harry, and Zayn walked in at that time and joined us. "Soo what did we miss?" Harry asked. "ah nothing much" Niall answered. Eleanor walked in and came up behind Louis covering his eyes. "what?" Louis said grabbing her hands and pulling her in front of him. He kissed her sweetly and she sat down on his lap. I looked away from them. I don't know why but Ive always been envious of their relationship. I hated that I felt that way but there was just something there I couldn't get over.

*A/N- Hey Lovelies well I made another movella haha! :) I hope you guys like it ^_^ please like and comment and stuff. love you guys so much!*

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