Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


9. chapter 7

Chapter seven We decided that we were gonna watch The Lion King and eat popcorn. Throughout the entire movie we recited the words, all of them at the end we hi-fived each other. “Well done!” I say to him. “You too, we are too good!” he said, I yawned. “Yeah how about we go and sleep now?” he asks me, I nod and we walk upstairs. I go into the bathroom and change into my nightdress. I climb onto bed where Liam was already changed and lying. He looked at me and whistled. “Who’s there to impress when you asleep huh? Your boyfriend Louis isn’t here,” he said smirking. “You mean ex?” I ask also smirking. He raises an eyebrow but doesn’t ask anything. I go under the covers and snuggle closer to Liam and he doesn’t mind, he wraps his arms around me. “Yeah Zayn told me to remind you that you have an interview tomorrow,” I add. Liam nods but doesn’t say anything. We stay quiet for a while, just enjoying the feel of being in each other arms. “Thank you for today Li,” I say getting up and sitting on his stomach so that i can face him. “Anytime for you babe,” Liam says smiling. “I forgot to ask, but how’s little you in there?” he asks. “Fine, I guess, just don’t wanna get fat!” I say shaking my head, Liam chuckled. “Don’t worry, you will still look attractive,” Liam said smirking. I smirk back. “You think I’m attractive?” I ask. “Yeah I do,” he says still smirking, and without noticing he started leaning in, and I think I might have also started leaning in too. When our lips was just about to touch we wait for a while as if to say, ‘am I doing the right thing’, then I quickly resist and clear my throat, and mumble goodnight and close my eyes and act like I am asleep and hating myself so much! Next morning I wake up to see Liam peacefully asleep beside me, with his arms wrapped around my waist. I try to wake up slowly, trying not to wake him up but instead he pulls me tighter. “Liam? Can you let go of me?” I whisper to him. He doesn’t say anything. “Liam!” I whine, still nothing. “You leave me no choice,” I say and I somehow push myself up a little and I start tickling him, he lets go of me trying to surrender. “Ha!” I say, walking to the bathroom “You such a tease Beth,” he said pouting. I stick out my tongue to him. I go into the bathroom and I start taking off my clothes to shower. I quickly shower and put on this: With some light make-up and went downstairs. I walk to see Liam in fresh clothes in the kitchen chewing on an apple and on his phone, probably tweeting. I slowly sneak up behind him. “BOO!” I shout and he jumps up and looks at me as if I am mad. “Hey, I am gonna getcha for that… one day,” he said, looking back into his phone. “Ready for your interview?” I ask trying to make a convo. “Yeah, same old same old,” he said. I wonder why he is acting so weird? “So I gotta go, I’ll catch you later,” he said the same time as the door opened and out came Puck. “Hey Puck,” Liam said, he waved and walked out. “Hi Pucky Wucky,” as I run up to him and gave him a hug. “Hey Sister Wister,” he said, “How was the dance?” he asked. “Uh… great,” I say, “Not much happened, kinda boring,” I say. “Yeah, good thing I skipped,” he said. “So how was the lovely romantic weekend?” I ask changing the subject. “It was really good, we both got to speak our minds eventually! Quinn and I broke up!” he said smiling. “Why are you smiling? That’s horrible,” I say. “Well I don’t like Quinn, I like Laura,” he said dreamily. I spat out the orange juice I attempted to drink. “What the? Laura? Are you crazy?” I ask him. “No, but Quinn is, you will never guess who she like?” he asked waiting for me to guess. “Finn,” I say not having to guess. “Nope,” he said simply. “Then who?” I ask. “Liam,” he said smiling, my heart dropped. I was starting to like Liam and with a girl and beautiful as Quinn, with her long blonde hair and beautiful figure, there was no way I was getting Liam, consider him gone! “Oh…. Liam? Are you sure?” I ask. “Yep! According to her she is in love with his dreamy personality and some other shit,” he said. “Oh.My.Gosh!” I say. “When is she telling him?” I ask. “Soon, she is gonna try flirting first,” he said, whatever, I don’t care. “Whatever, I am gonna go to… I dunno where now,” I say trying to figure out what to do today. “Where’s the direction boys?” Puck asked as I try and figure out what to do. “At an interview.” I say, “You know what? I’m gonna watch a movie, wanna join?” I ask. “Sure, let me make some popcorn!” he said looking in the cupboards. 3 weeks later It has been three weeks and Liam and I are very rarely seeing each other, it’s like I lost my best friend, Rachel is too much with Finn to notice I’m around and Liam is always lovely dovey with Quinn. Yes, those two are going out and no I’m not jealous! I have detention today but for talking and laughing with Harry in class. I walk into the detention class and see Harry on the desk chatting to some other guy. “Hey babe! Good to see you here, badass,” he says taking my hand and allowing me to sit next to him on the desk. “Whatever, it was your fault,” I say playfully punching him on the chest. He laughed and put his arm around me. “How’s things with Liam?” he asked. I have been with Harry for the past two weeks and we are really really close, like best friends. “It feels like we are not that close anymore, the most he said to me in weeks was, ‘what homework did we have?’ and that’s about it!” I say sighing. “Nah, it’s cool, you have me now!” he said smiling. “Hey you wanna hang out at my house today?” I asked him. “Yeah, I don’t have anything else to do,” he said smiling and showing off his dimples. “But tomorrow you have to come to my house next,” he said. “Sure,” I said smiling. He smiled back showing that cute dimples that he has. We both jump when we hear the bell signalling for the end of school and we both head to my house.
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