Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


7. chapter 6

Chapter six

Beth’s P.O.V  

I woke up the next morning remembering a lot from yesterday, till the part where I got saved.

I look down to see that I have been changed, okay what’s happening? I look next to me to see a sleeping Liam next to me, he looks so cute when he sleeps! Wait what is Liam doing here? I wake up quickly and Liam slowly opens his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I ask him.

“I brought you home from that psycho dude and you didn’t want me to leave and I was planning to but I kinda fell asleep, sorry,” he said in his morning voice, ohhh it sounded so good!

“Oh no it’s okay, I’m sorry, thank you,” I said stumbling over my words. He chuckled.

“You should get ready,” he said waking up.

“Why?” I ask.

“I’m taking you somewhere,” he said smiling. He went to the door, and I quickly ran to him and grabbed his hands.

“Don’t leave me!” I screamed.

“No, I’ll be back I need to shower you know,” he said.

“Right, you will come back right?” I ask.

“Of course!” he said and with that he left. I walk to the bathroom and take a quick shower and put this on: Picture

With some light make-up and went downstairs. I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. I open to see Liam in a black skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, cute as ever! I smile at him.

“Looking good huh?” I asked. He grinned.

“I see you also looking good, oh and like the shoes again,” he said smiling down at them, I bowed and said, “Thank you thank you!”

“Look who I brought!” he said bringing Loki out of his car.

“Since we are walking I thought maybe he would like to join?” he added. I smiled and took Loki from him.

“Don’t abandon me now,” he said laughing

“I’m not promising anything!” I said back.

“Let’s go!” he said. He put Loki on a leash and turned so that he faced away from me. I look at him puzzled.

“Climb on my back,” he said. Well I didn’t mind so I did as he said.

“Ah I don’t have walk YAY!” I yelled in his ear, and hit his back repeatedly.

“You are so hyper!” he said to me as he started walking.

“Giddy up horsy! Go faster!” I yelled to him.

“You dare me?” he asked.

“Triple decker dare you!” I said, he picked Loki and he gave him to me to carry and he started running really fast, I had to hold on to dear life when he stopped at an ice cream stand. And set me down.

“Whoa you can run fast,” I say trying to get my breath back, “Even though I wasn’t running I felt tired for you because you weren’t tired…. Why?” I ask. He chuckled.

“Babe I was born to run,” he said smirking. “What ice cream flavour would you like?” he asked me.

“Ohhhhh ice-cream for moi? Chocolate!” I say, and we both walk towards the ice cream stand.

“Hi, two chocolate cones please,” he said smiling at the lady.

“There you go, aren’t you Liam Payne from One Direction? My daughter’s a huge fan,” she said smiling.

“Yes, yes I am, would you like an autograph?” he asked politely.

“Yes that you be really nice,” she said. Liam took a flyer from the stand and signed it.

“What’s her name?” he asked.

“Sarah,” she said. He wrote her name and he handed it to her. She handed him the change and Liam waved her off.

“Keep the change,” he smiled at her.

“Climb on rider,” he said turning back.

“You seriously not tired yet?” I ask, he shakes his head. I climb on and took his ice cream.

“I’ll hold it for you,” I said smirking. We went off and I fed Liam ice cream from the back and ended up messing his nose. I got off his back because I was dying from laughter.

“HAHAHAHA! You look so stupid,” I say through me laughter.

“I demand you to wipe it off!” he said as he crossed his arms. I shake my head. Then he pouts.

“Your wish is my command,” I say and I kiss the ice cream off his nose, and then I tap his nose with my finger.

“What was the point of today?” I ask him when we take a seat on the bench.

“Well, you’ve been really depressed lately and I thought maybe you could have some time to just chill,” he said taking out his phone, I peek to see what he is doing.

“Tweeting and all huh?” I say smirking.

“Yeah, what can I say, I’m liked you know,” he said wiggling his eye brows at me.

“Yeah whatever pretty boy, I should follow you,” I take out my phone and log on to Twitter. I follow him.

“Let’s take out a picture,” he said walking up to someone.

“Hi, can you please help us take out a picture?” he asks politely, the lady agree and he calls me over.

We take a picture where, he is facing the camera and pointing at me and holding Loki up and I face him and I somehow gave him an air kiss, it looks cute.

“You two make a good couple,” the lady says to us. Liam is about to say something when i cut him off.

“Thank you,” I say smiling at her. Liam his me a look as if to say,’Uhm okay’.

“Bye,” she says and we wave and walk back to the bench and sit down. I check my Twitter, Liam’s mention said.

‘Having ice cream with Loki and @BethXCat #BFF’ with the picture under, I smile at it and retweet and reply.

‘@Real_Liam_Payne you left out the part where you got ice cream all over your face! ;)’

Liam chuckled when he saw the tweet.

“Let’s go,” he said.

“We are going somewhere else?” I ask

“Yep,” he said getting Loki.

“I’m walking this time, or do you want me to carry you?” I say smirking at him.

“If you insist!” he says laughing and jumping on top of me and we both fall to the ground laughing. I see a flash and I look up to see the paparazzi getting a shot of us on the floor on top of each other laughing, Liam notices too and he rolls his eyes at them and he gets up lending me a hand which I gladly except.

“Don’t take note of them,” he said to me. I nod and we keep walking.

“So where are we going?” I ask him, linking my arm with his.

“It’s a surprise,” he says winking, after walking for ten minutes and messing around, we end up in a Funfair.

I gasp, “Oh my gosh, I always wanted to come here!” I say hugging him, “Thank yooooou,” I say. He grins.

“Let’s go in,” I say pulling him. We walk around for hours and took pictures everywhere. We ate a lot and bought a lot.

“Ohhhh look at this!” I say pointing at a small batman outfit.

“So sorry to tell you this but Beth, it wouldn’t fit you,” he said laughing, I roll my eyes at him.

“Not for me idiot, for Loki!” I say and I take out money to buy it, but Liam also took out money.

“I‘m paying for it,” we both say together. We wrestle for a while but then he won and he bought it.

“Liam, I don’t want you wasting all your money,” I say when I sit down on a bench to put on the outfit for Loki.

“I’m not wasting,” he said defensively.

“Yeah, I believe you,” I say sarcastically.

“Awwww look at my baby, he is so cute! The temptation to squeeze him too damn high,” Liam says, admiring him.

“Awwww Loki baby look this way,” I said taking out my phone to take out a picture.

The tweet says,

‘@Real_Liam_Payne and Loki are like father like son! #TooCute’

Liam smiled at the tweet and retweeted it and replied:

‘@BethXKat you forgot to mention the part where we fought to buy it and I won! ;) ;)’

I stuck my tongue out at him.

“We should go now,” Liam said waking up. I woke up to. A whole lot of girls came our way.

I heard a whole lot of, ‘Liam I love you’s, Liam marry me’s and Who is she’s’ in that crowd, so Liam decided to take out a picture with them and I just stood aside,before the picture was taken he pulled me in and I was forced to stay.

When they went we walked back home. When we reached home he left me on the door step. I grabbed his hand.

“You don’t have to go,” I said looking down.

“Do you want me to stay?” he asked smirking.

“I if I didn’t want you to then would I ask you?” I ask blushing.

“Fine then, I’ll get some clothes, wanna come?” he asked. I nod and we go into the car. We arrived at his house and we got out still laughing and fooling around.

“Hey Liam you are back!” Harry yelled, “Oh Beth’s here too?” he said hugging me.

“Hi Harry!” I say smiling at him. Louis comes out of no where.

“Where’s my girlfriend?” he asks and he hugs me.

“Louis, we need to talk,” I whisper into his ears. He nods and we walk to the kitchen

“Louis…. It’s been really nice dating you and stuff but I think we should stop seeing each other,” I say quietly. “I see you like Eleanor?” I add slightly smirking.

“Pssh, no, I don’t,” he said defending himself.

“Haha! Whatever you say Lou, but I see you making goo-goo eyes at her,” I say laughing. He blushes.

“Well I see you making ‘goo-goo’ eyes at Liam,” he said smirking.

“No I don’t, Liam is my best friend! Plus I have my eye on someone else babe!” I say winking. But slightly feeling bad for lying.

“Oh and who is that?” Lou said suspiciously, before I could answer Liam came downstairs.

 “So are you staying?” Louis asks.

“Nope, Liam’s staying over at my house,” I say sticking out my tongue.

“Talking about me I see,” Liam said coming into the kitchen.

“You wish,” I grab his hand, “Bye guys!” I yell.

We drove home and we get off the car. We both walk together into the house and this was what made me realise that truly madly deeply I am foolishly completely falling for Liam Payne!




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