Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


6. chapter 5

Chapter five
Two weeks later
Okay the weeks are going rather quick and Homecoming is tomorrow and I kinda never went to buy my dress yet and I’m stressing. My date with Louis was really nice, went to a restaurant and we watched a movie and he kissed me straight after when he left me at home and he asked me to the homecoming. We are now dating for two really good weeks.
“Hi Santana, I need your help!” I say to the phone.
“What’s wrong?” she asks.
“I don’t have a dress for homecoming tomorrow” I say to her.
“Okay meet me in the mall in half an hour.”
“Thanks bye,” I say and quickly run to Puck.
“Hi best brother in the entire world that I love with all my heart and loves his sister so mu—“ he cuts me off.
“How much do you need Kat?” he asks taking out his wallet.
“Uhhh, some money would be good, some time of yours, your opinion aaaand…. Your car?” I say to him. He narrows his eyes at me.
“What are you up to Scotts?” he asks me.
“Uhh, you remember when I told you that Louis asked me to Homecoming and that I said yes and that— well you get the point. I kinda never bought a dress yet,” I say.
“Oh and you are coming now because?” he asks laughing.
“Because I decided to stress now and because I wanna look good for my boyfriend,” I tell him.
“Fine, let’s go,” he says grabbing my hand and walking to the car.
“So I just hope you know that I am no good at picking dresses,” he said as we drove.
“Yeah, well Santana is gonna be there and you coming to give me your honest opinion,” I say to him.
“Okay, I can live with that,” he said and he parked the car in the mall parking lot.
We went in and we found Santana waiting outside a dress store.
“Hey,” I say hugging her.
“Hey,” Puck said hi-fiving her.
“Hi guys, lets go, we have only an hour till everythings closed.
We went to different shops and tried on loads of things and we decided on one more.
“Okay lets see, short or long?” I ask Santana.
“Short, boys love short and it would good cause you have nice legs,” Santana said looking through the clothes.
“True,” Puck said.
“I found some let’s go,” Santana said holding a pile of things, “Puck stay here,” she added when he was walking innocently with us into the changing room.
“O like the pink one and the nudeish one,” I say.
“Yeah go with the ‘nudeish’ one,” I nod and we hi-five eachother.
“There’s a problem, I don’t like heels,” I say.
“No it’s cool, I wasn’t planning to give you heels to use, I was planning to funkify yours by you’ll see what,” she said smiling. I wonder what that will be.
Five minutes before Louis can pick me up
Don’t stress Beth, you are gonna be fine. Even there are gonna be a lot more prettier girls then you, doesn’t mean that you are gonna be alone the whole night.
I am ready for Homecoming and this is what I am wearing: Picture
The whole shoe thing was Santana’s idea and it was smart, cute and comfortable.
“Kat! They are here!” Puck screamed from downstairs, he is not going to homecoming because he is taking Quinn out for some romantic weekend and will be not around until Monday, it’s so cute!
“Coming!” I say and I look at Santana who looks beautiful in a black gown with long slits showing off her skin.
“You look stunning,” I tell her. Harry asked Santana to go to the Homecoming with him and might I add that Harry is going to be blown away.
“Not as beautiful as you, let’s go they are waiting,” she said linking her arm with mine and we walk downstairs. A small gasp came from the boys when we came.
“Oooooh sister looking good huh?” Puck said hi-fiving me, takes only him to kill the dramatic entrance.
“Ooooh brother, when’s your Juliet coming over?” I said wiggling my eyebrows at him.
“For me to know and for you to never find out!” he said smirking. “Have a great time and I left money under your pillow and I cooked your dinner and it’s in the microwave and I did shopping so don’t tell me you have no choco—“ I cut him off.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine, I have Liam coming over this weekend so don’t worry,” I said to him. I tried to get my brother to trust all of them but he only trusts Liam.
“Okay have a good time, and remember the self-defence I thought you and the pepper-spray is in your bag!” he called after me.
“Yep thanks,” I called back to him.
“Brothers really protective huh?” Louis said into my ear.
“Yeah,” I said, going into the car they came in.
“You look really good,” he said.
“Thank you, you look dashing,” I say smirking.
It was quick to go into the school and when we got there we got out of the car and went inside.
There are loads of people here, I start shivering.
“I’m gonna get us something to drink,” Louis said and I nodded and he headed off.
“Nice shoes,” someone said into my ear, I turn to see Liam with a black suit on and his short hair somehow in a mow-hock but really short and totally sexy.
“Haha thank you,” I say, “You look great,” I tell him, great, beautiful, hot, handsome….
“Well you look amazing,” he looking at me up down and then I bow slightly.
“Thank you Thank you,” I say in a posh accent.
“Ha, so where’s your date?” I ask him slightly jealous.
“I don’t know, around,” he said and he rolled his eyes, “she spent the entire time telling me how much she likes Louis, it was annoying.”
“Oh….” I said, starting to feel insecure.
“But don’t worry Louis will never leave you, I mean look at you,” he adds quickly, “Oh yeah and your brother wants me to come now and then to check on you this weekend.” I felt my cheeks go hot.
“Grrr, he will never give up,” I say.
“Nah, don’t worry, I was gonna come anyways,” he said smiling. All of a sudden ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ by The Fray came on.
“Do you wanna dance?” he asked a bit red in the face. I smile at him.
“Sure,” I say and he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. He slips his one arm around my waist and I blush deeply and I put one hand on his shoulder and we both hold each other’s hands. We start dancing but we look really uncomfortable at first and then we started getting more comfortable and without even knowing we never said a word the whole dance we just stared into each others eyes. Without noticing before the song can end Louis came up to us.
“May I cut in?” he asks Liam and Liam looks down and he leaves but I didn’t want him to leave, I wanted to dance with him. When the song ended we went to the table and sat on the bar stools.
“Hi Louis, you wanna dance?” Liam’s date asked, he gladly took her hand and they went to dance.  I looked around for Liam but I couldn’t see him anywhere. So I decided to go outside and get some air.
Someone taped my back and I turned around to see some guy named Teddy from school.
“Hi there Katty,” he said. I got scared immediately.
“Oh h-h-hi T-T-Teddy,” I stammered. He looked me up and down. And he licked his lips, he is probably drunk.
“Why are you all alone?” he asks coming closer. I quickly start backing away.
“W-w-what do you want?” I ask him.
“Well baby I want you,” he says pushing me into the wall., he held me back with his hands locked so I couldn’t escape so I decide to kick him in his manhood. He yelps in pain and I take this opportunity to run away. But he caught up to me.
“Playing hard to get huh?” he said and he pushed me against the wall and again and he shoved his tongue down my throat, tears start pouring down my cheeks and then he starts biting at my neck.
“Please leave me alone,” I sob.
“No now why would I do that,” he asked. And just then I make another attempt to kick him but he was to fast he instead bangs my head against the wall and I fall to the ground, he climbs on top of me and starts taking off his pants and just when I felt my life being over I felt him being peeled off me and that’s when everything went blank…
Liam’s P.O.V
I can’t seem to find her anywhere so I check outside and I find her there with some madman on top of her. I start running and I pull him off her and start beating him up, I beated him till he was bleeding really bad but then I saw her on the floor.
“Beth? Beth are you awake,” she just moaned in her sleep but she didn’t wake up. I decided to carry her into my car and to her house. when I got there I opened the door and carried her upstairs.


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