Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


4. Chapter 3

Chapter three
Beth’s P.O.V
It’s not like I don’t like Liam, it’s just that if we ever went out and broke up our friendship wouldn’t be the same, and it’s pretty strong for the first day. And Louis seems cool, I mean he is funny and sweet and really cute in both ways and hot!
“Hey Rach, how’s classes going?” I ask when we get to physics.
“Cool I guess, same old same old,” she said rolling her eyes.
“Yeah, I guess, the new boys are pretty cool,” I said smiling at the thought.
“Yeah I never actually talked to any of them, I’m in class with the curly haired dude, Harry, very cheeky and flirty may I add, landed himself in detention!” she said laughing, I guess he’s Boobear, I laughed along with Rachel causing the teacher to give us the look and we immediately stopped laughing.
“Yeah about that, tell Mr Shue that I’ll be late for Glee club because I’m at detention!” I said rolling my eyes.
“Really? That’s where all the cool kids are!” she said, “what did you do?”
“I came late for class and apparently she had enough of my Monday lateness!” I said.
“Oh that’s a shame,” she said shaking her head. At that moment the bell rang for hometime and my detention time.
“Kay, I’m off to detention, and tell Mr Shue that I might or might not have a new member for Glee club,” I said leaving before she could answer.
I walked to the detention classroom to see Liam with some guy with curly hair, probably Harry.
“Hey Li! You’re probably Harry?” I said when I took a seat next to them.
“Yes I am and you lovely lady must be my future girlfriend,” he said looking me up and down.
“Yeah, by future probably your future dreams,” I said rolling my eyes at him.
“Oh, I like ‘em feisty,” he said biting his bottom lip.
“Oh shut up,” Liam said rolling his eyes at Harry.
“Yeah yeah, Ohhhh Liam I see you have detention on your first day I see,” Harry said laughing.
“Well you know me, I’m good like that!” Liam said hi-fiving Harry.
“Boys are so weird,” I said looking at them.
“Not exactly babe, but for you I will be as weird as you want me too,” he said winking, I showed him the finger.
“How long are we gonna be here exactly?” Liam asked.
“Half-an-hour,” I said sighing.
“What time is your Glee club?” Liam asked.
“Now,” I said, “I’m gonna miss half-an-hour!”
“Yeah, but that’s cool, and if you want we can spend that time telling me about yourself,” Harry said smirking.
“Yeah, not gonna happen,” I said and Liam laughed.
“Okay, but I’m not gonna give up, you’re hot!” he said.
“Yeah don’t hold your breath,” I said smirking at him.
A few minutes later
“You look like a cupcake, do you know that?” I tell Harry randomly. He smiled and showed off his dimples.
“I know,” he said smiling again.
“Yep Harry is the youngest in the band,” Liam said messing Harry’s hair making him pout like a baby.
“You are so cute,” I said pinching his cheeks, he went red, wow he blushes.
“t-thank you,” he stammered.
“Wow, you should get a prize, you are the first to actually make Harry blush,” Liam said.
“I’m bored, daddy do something,” Harry said suddenly.
“What do you want me to do?” Liam asks.
“Wait….. I don’t understand,” I say confused. “Is Harry your….?” I asked.
“No no no! Liam is like the father of the group,” Harry explained quickly.
“Ohhh….” I said.
“Make an attempt to juggle,” Harry said smirking.
“I can’t juggle,” Liam said.
“Well, you never tried.” Harry said.
“Good point,” Liam said. He grabbed some fruits lying around the class and tried, let’s just say that he tried, it fell all over, and Harry and I was just sitting there and laughed our heads off. Seriously it was that funny. Just then the bell rang signalling the end of detention.
“Detention is fun,” Harry said.
“Yeah it is,” we both agreed.
“Hey, wanna join Glee club, Liam you are still joining right?” I asked.
“Yep, I’m still joining,” Liam said.
“Yeah I’ll come, I don’t mind getting hit by slushies,” Harry said, I smiled gratefully at them.
“Okay let’s go then.” I said looping both my hands around both their arms.
We all walked into the classroom where we held Glee Club.
“Hi Mr. Shue, I might have two new members for Glee Club,” I said smiling at our teacher.
“Hi,” they both said in unison and smiled like angels.                                                                            
“Hi boys, welcome to Glee Club, can you both sing?” Mr Shue asked.
“Uhm, yeah I guess,” Harry said.
“Okay take it away then,” Mr Shue said. Harry decided to go first and he sang “Isn’t she lovely” and might I add that he is a beautiful singer. When he was done, Mr Shue smiled widely.
“You are really good and we would love to have you in Glee club!” he said and the whole Glee Club clapped and cheered. Next was Liam. Liam sang “Lost” and he was also just as beautiful as Harry, they are both really confident on stage, seriously!
“Welcome to Glee Club Liam, you both Liam and Harry can sing really beautifully and we are honoured to have you boys here!” Mr Shue said happily.
“Right, now getting to business, sectionals are coming up and we have to start getting ready, so this week’s task is to sing songs that are free-choice, whether it’s the golden oldies or hip-hop I don’t care, whatever floats your boat,” Mr Shue said, we all clapped and cheered.
“By the end of this week all of you will be done presenting your songs, the reason for this task is to get ideas for songs for sectionals so that we can make one good mash-up,” Mr Shue added. We all love mash-ups. Rachel’s hand went up, as always, she always has something to say at Glee Club.
“Yes, Rachel,” Mr Shue said.
“Mr Shue are we allowed to do duets?” She asked.
“Yeah, if you want to,” he said smiling at her. I put my hand up.
“Yes, Kat?” Mr Shue asked.
“Mr Shue, can we sing mash ups?” I asked.
“Sure, like I said whatever floats your boat,” Mr Shue said. Brittany put her hand up.
“Mr Shue, what if water floats my boat and there’s no songs about water?” she asked, everyone laughed at her.
“Errr, yeah whatever Brittany,” Mr Shue said shaking his head.
“Okay, think of songs!” he said.
“Santana wanna do a song together, I have one in mind,” I asked her. She smiled.
“I was about to ask you the same thing, and I also have a song in mind. How about we combine it and make a mash-up?” she said smirking, Santana and I are really close, we used to hate each other but we eventually sorted out our differences and became really close.
“So what song do you have in mind?” I asked.
“Rumour has it,” she said. I smiled.
“I had Someone Like You in mind,” I said. We hi-fived eachother.
“Yeah we might need some people to help us, we can borrow Mercedes and Brittany, maybe Sugar would wanna help,” she said, I nodded.
“Yeah, they’ll just help with the background affects you know?” I said. Just then Brittany called Santana and I went over to Liam.
“Done thinking of songs?” I asked him, he nodded.
“Doing it with Hazza Bear,” he said smiling.
“Are you done thinking of songs?” he asked me.
“Yep, I’m doing it with Santana,” I said.
“Cool,” he said smiling.
“Okay class, Glee Club is over, whoever is ready tomorrow can performed theirs, if not you can carry on preparing and don’t be late for class, have a nice day and do all your homework!” Mr Shue said.
“So watcha gonna do now?” Liam asked me as I walked out of school.
“Uhm, go home and find something interesting to do?” I said, it was more like question then a statement.
“Then come home with us, I’m sure Lou would like to have you there too,” Liam said smirking.
“Haha, kay I’ll come,” I said smiling. Puck overhead us.
“Yeah Sis, go wherever you want but be careful and safe and in time for dinner,” he said pointing at me, I went over to him.
“Yes Puck and be good,” I said giving him a kiss on his cheek.
“Don’t worry Beth, he’s with me,” Quinn said taking his hand.
“Good, take care of my brother Quinn,” I said as I walked off with Harry and Liam.
“So Puck’s you brother?” Harry asked.
“Yep, our parents died when I was very small, only Puck remembers them and he and my aunt took care of me when I was little till she died too last year and she left her house and fortune with us,” I said, remembering those days.
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Harry and Liam said.
“Nah, it’s cool,” I said smiling at them.
“How far do yal live?” I ask.
“Not that far I guess, near the mall,” Harry said.
“Oh, you gonna walk that far?” I ask worried.
“No, of course not, we gonna take Liam’s car,” Harry said and we walked towards a black Mercedes.
“Wow, that’s your car? It’s beautiful!” I gushed.
“I know, say hello to Samantha,” Liam said petting the car.
“Samantha? You name your car?” I ask him, Harry nods.
“Yep, I have Chloe at home, she is a beauty I tell you!” Harry said dreamily.
“Uh… Okay then, I quote myself from earlier, Boys are weird!” I said shaking my head. They both laughed.
“Ladies first,” Liam said opening the front passengers seat for me. I smile at him.
“Thank you kind sir,” I say in a British accent.
“Well you getting there. Oi, Liam! What about me eh? You have a girl in your front seat and you forget about ole Harry over here uh? You should be ashamed!” Harry said with a fake hurt face.
“Drama queen,” I said sticking out my tongue at Harry.
“King you mean,” Harry corrected, I thought about that for a moment.
“No, queen!” I said taking a seat and Liam closed the door for me, so sweet.
“Let’s go then!” Liam said, as they took off out of the school gates.
“So cheerleader and all huh?” Harry asked.
“Yeah, part of the Cheerios, pretty cool I guess,” I say making a face.
“Doesn’t seem like it,” Liam said.
“Yeah but people thinks that if you are a cheerleader you are cool, it’s not like that here, if you are part of something uncool then that is that I guess,” I tell them.
“I actually think that Glee Club is pretty cool and I don’t understand why there are so little people in there?” Harry said.
“Well that’s because people have this mind set that everything that has dramatic arts in is uncool, but I don’t care, it’s totally awesome,” I say smiling.
“Yeah, the teacher is too,” Harry said.
“Yep, Mr Shue is awesome, he totally gets us,” I say.
“And the projects sounds cool,” Liam said.
“Speaking of projects, don’t you wanna hint what you are gonna perform this week,” I ask wiggling my eyebrows at them.
“Nope, not gonna happen! Any clues for yours?” Harry asks.
“Nope, if you wanna be like that then so are we,” I say.
“Fine,” they both said.
“Grrrr,” I growl.
“We are here!” Liam said. I look out to see a huge house that is so beautiful.
“You live here?” I ask in disbelief.
“Yeah,” they both said.
“It’s beautiful,” I say.
“Yeah, it’s cool,” Liam said.
“Hey, you have a dog?” I ask when I get out of the car.
“Yeah that’s my dog, Loki,” Liam said smiling and picking him up
“You mean Loki as in the character from The Avengers?” I ask.
“You know Marvel Heroes?” Liam asks in disbelief.
“I love Marvel Heroes, especially Captain America!” I say dreamily.
“Bo-ho for Captain America, he can never beat Batman!” Liam said. I made a disgusted face at him.
“You wish!” I say. Loki barked at us, and we both laugh.
“Can I hold him?” I ask, Liam held out Loki and I took him, he jumped up and started licking my face, Liam and I start laughing.
“I think he likes you,” Liam said smiling.
“Oh, all dogs love me,” I said putting on a spoilt child voice.
“Ego-maniac!”  Liam said.
“Well, you know me,” I say smirking.
“Let’s go inside,” Liam said showing me the way.
“HI BETH KAT!!!” Louis screamed when he saw me, he ran up to me and hugged me.
“Oh honey, it’s only been a few hours,” I said as he literally choked me.
“Sorry,” he said and stopped hugging me.
“Louis who are you ta— oh hi,” said a cute blonde haired guy with a Irish accent.
“Hi,” I say back giving a small wave.
“What’s with all the screami— ohhh vas happenin?” a cute Indian guy with black hair said.
“And you lovely lady are?” He asked.
“Why hello there, I’m Bethany,” I said smirking at him.
“And I beautiful lady am Zayn, Zayn Malik,” he said taking my hand and kissing it.
“And this lovely lady is my lovely lady so stay away pretty boy,” Louis said pushing me behind him.
“Since when,” I whisper ask him.
“Well I did ask you out,” He whispered back.
“Right, the amount of male species around me is a bit overwhelming that I forget,” I say to him and they all laugh.
“Right, I should have seen you before him and asked you out first,” Zayn said pouting, I blushed deeply.
“Oh well to bad,” Louis said hugging me from the back.
“Hi, I’m Niall,” the blonde dude said.
“Hi,” I say to him smiling. “You look like a furby,” I add to him and he blushes.
“Thank you,” he said and looked down.
“Ncawww you are so cute! I’m gonna take pictures with you so that my pictures finally look good!” I tell him and he smiles back.
“Oh where were yal, I thought detention was done around half three,” Louis asked.
“Yeah we went to Glee Club,” Liam said.
“Oh, I wanna join,” Zayn said clapping his hands.
“Sure anyone can join as long as they can sing,” I say happily.
“Yeah I think I can tap that!” Louis said. “Hazza are you joining too?” Louis asked Harry.
“Already joined,” Harry said showing off his dimples.
“Ohhhh, I’ll join too,” Niall said. I smile gratefully at them.
“Thank you all so much, we are in need of people to join but because it is so uncool no-one wants to join,” I said.
“Naw problem babe, anything for mah future girlfriend,” he said giving me a kiss on the cheek, I blushed deeply and it was embarrassing.
“And to say that I just met you!” I say to him.
“I know right,” Louis said.
“Yeah, and if you two break up I’m right here,” Harry said.
“In your dreams sweet cheeks,” I say to him.
“Yeah you are,” Zayn said.
“How was classes?” Liam asks changing the subject, he has been awfully quiet now.
“Fine,” Louis, Harry and Zayn said. Niall was th only one who said, “Horrible”
“Why? What happened?” Liam asked concerned like a dad and that was just too sweet.
“I don’t think the kids like me, they are always saying things like, ‘go back to Mexico’ or ‘you are too ugly for One Direction’,” he said and then he burst into tears. We all looked worriedly at each other. I went and sat next to him.
“Don’t you ever take what those stupid brain dead people say into head, trust me I’ve learnt that when I went to high-school. They can’t see beauty when it’s right next to you. I think and I’m not saying it because I need to or to make you feel better but I think that you one of the cutest and hottest people in the world and how do I know that? Twitter and Facebook names claim that they love you, for example, ‘HoransPrincess, NiallsBabe’ explain that to me huh? Are you trying to tell me that your 11 million twitter followers doesn’t give you thought that no-one likes you? How do you think I feel to have around only 200 followers huh? Don’t you ever care about what jealous people think, they are bringing you down because they wanna be like you, because they are jealous that you have something they don’t…a heart and a personality might I add!” I say to him, he hugs me tight and crys on my shoulder.
“Yes, let it all out,” I whisper to him. Liam gives me a slight smile as if to say thank you. I smile back.
“Thank you Beth,” Niall says to me.
“Anytime hun,” I say to him. “Now smile,” I add and he does and I think that he is adorable. I look up to see the others wiping tears from their eyes.
“Drama queens,” I say to them and stick out my tongue at them. And they all laugh.
“You would make a good mother,” Louis said sitting on the other side of me and Liam on the other.
“Ncaww thank you,” I say smiling.


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