Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


3. chapter 2

Chapter two
Beth’s P.O.V

I had math first but was gonna be kinda late because I had to change out of my wet clothes.
I changed into my Cheerio’s outfit:  
in the girls bathroom and rushed to class.
“Sorry I’m late Miss. Pauls,” I said when I walked into class.
“This is always the case on Monday’s Miss Puckermen and do you know what that causes you? DETENTION!” she yelled and handed me a pink slip, the whole class snickered, my eyes went wide with shock.
“You can’t do that, I have Glee club,” I argued.
“I don’t care Bethany, I will speak to Mr. Shuster at lunch today.” She said, I gave up and walked to my desk, one of the jocks put out their leg to trip me but I saw and I walked over his leg and he said “loser” and I showed him the finger.
I saw one of those new guys in the back of my desk, he was cute in a hot was with brown eyes and shortish brown hair that you could make out was shaved like a month ago. He saw me looking so I quickly looked away.
Miss. Pauls carried on teaching her boring lesson when I felt a note hit my neck, I look to see who threw it and found out that it was the new guy. Probably one of those ‘loser’ notes but I still opened it.
‘Hi I’m Liam Payne, I am new here and saw what happened this morning and wondered why didn’t you tell the teacher?’
I smiled at the note, he was actually one of the first to actually worry.
‘Hi, I’m Bethany, but you can call me Beth, I didn’t tell her because if I did there would be more worse things then slushes waiting for me outside  but thanks for actually caring!’   
I sent him the letter and I slowly peeked and saw that he was also smiling when he read it, but he wrote something down and gave it to me.
‘Why do they do that? The slushy thing I mean. I think it’s stupid and if I’m not asking to much, but what is Glee club?’
Another question that really fascinates me that he asked.
‘Well, they think that Glee club is for freaks and because I joined it, you could say that I am now part of the freaks along with the other people I am with and yep! Me too, I also think that it is totally stupid and unnecessary but that’s life right? Glee club is a singing club, it’s cool if you ask me and Mr Shuster is awesome, if you can sing and ready to get slushified every Monday feel free to join! ’
I threw him the note and smiled at him, he smiled back. He wrote something and threw it back.
‘LOL. Oh I wouldn’t actually mind, it sounds cool, so when do we start this Glee club meeting?’
I laughed out loud, Miss. Pauls looked up from what she was teaching.
“Do you have something to say Bethany?” she asked. So I had to think fast but Liam beat me to it.
“Oh I just told her something funny and she laughed no biggie, I mean that would be the natural thing to do right?” he said seriously to the teacher. The class burst out laughing but Miss. Pauls wasn’t too amused.
“It’s so nice that you are making new friends Liam, you can spend time with your new friend in detention,” she said angrily. She handed him a pink slip and carried on teaching. I sent Liam a grateful smile and wrote:
‘Thank you so much, I was starting to think that I was gonna have detention for a whole year!’
I threw it at him, he wrote something and threw it back.
‘My pleasure, couldn’t let you be the only one at detention could i? ;)’
Just the bell rang.
“You look so familiar I just can’t think from where,” I said to him.
“Well think,” he said smiling, I just then realised that he has a sexy deep British accent.
“Wait, One Direction?” I asked shocked. He grinned. We walked out of class together.
“Yep, Simon thought that we should get the ‘high-school experience’ and I see that you know our music!” He said smiling, I blushed deeply.
“No, I actually just heard of you’ll when girls screech around about how hot you guys are, never actually heard your songs,” I said looking to that he is so hot that I actually believe those girls.
“That’s cool, you’ll be spending six months with us so you’ll hear them,” he said winking, I blushed deeply again and silently cursed blood.
Liams P.O.V

“What do you have next?” she asks.
“Chemistry I think,” I said looking at the timetable.
“Hey we have the same lunch hour, you can sit with me or if you want to. It’s not like you don’t have friends to sit with, I sit on my own anyways, my friends are not with me.” She stammered, then she blushed again, I think she looks really cute when she blushes.
“’Cause I’ll sit with you.” I said smiling at her.
“Woah, we have to go or we will have detention next week too,” she said grabbing my hand and running to class, when she finally reached she looked down and blushed again and let go of my hands.
“T-this i-is the Chemistry C-class,” she stammered and blushed again, she gave a small wave and walked off to her class. She is just so beautiful, I thought as I walked into class, and throughout the lesson I couldn’t get her out of my head…

Beth’s P.O.V
I feel like an idiot! I never felt so embarrassed in my entire life.
Finally I find a boy that is so beautiful that even Taylor Lautner couldn’t match up to him and I mess up everything! I feel like killing myself! Grrrr! He probably things I’m some stupid girl now!
I grab my lunch and walked into the cafeteria and sit sown in one empty table, same old routine every day! I unwrap my sandwich and take a small bite of it.
“Hey loser, why do you even eat? You will get fat anyways!” some jock yells at me, I block it all out because that’s what I get every lunch. Puck doesn’t know, if he did they would be dead by now.
“She’s so fat she needs a whole table to herself!” the whole cafeteria starts laughing. I look around, this never happened before. Tears start blurring my site and I can’t take it anymore, I leave my lunch and run out of the cafeteria and run straight into Liam, he looked shocked when he saw me with tears. I pushed him out of the way and ran into the girls bathroom. I ran into a stall and locked the door. I sobbed, why does people have to be so bad?

Liams P.O.V
I walked to lunch looking forward to eating with Beth I saw someone run straight into me, she looked up to see Beth with tears falling down her cheeks, I was going to ask her why she was crying but she pushed me and ran into the girls bathroom. I was worried so I followed her in. When I went in I heard her sobbing in one of the stalls. I knocked on the one that’s closed.
“Go away!” she screamed from the inside.
“Beth it’s me Liam, can you open?” I said getting worried.
“No, go away!” she repeated.
“Nope, I’m not going anywhere until you get out!” I said sitting down in the stall next to hers.
“I’m right here if you need me!” I said causing her to giggle a bit.
“Who did what? I’ll beat them up for you,” I said, I was dead serious.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s an everyday story!” she said quietly.
“What’s an everyday story?” I ask. I hear her open the stall and looked at me and smiled.
“Lets’ go back to lunch,” she said changing the subject.
“Why would you go back there?” I ask her.
“Because, I have pride and dignity,” she said laughing and rolling her eyes.
“First you must clean up your tears,” I said, she grabbed some toilet paper and wet it and started wiping her eyes.
“Here, let me help you,” I offered and without waiting for her to answer, I took it from her and started wiping away her dry tears.
When I was done I unintentionally stared at how beautiful she was and I don’t think she noticed because she kinda did the same for me though. But she was the first to notice because she cleared her throat and looked away.
“Let’s get going,” she said and she took my hand and walked out to the cafeteria. I think it’s a really strong thing to do if someone did something to her there.
“Hey Liam, come and join us,” I heard Louis call from where the soccer jocks were sitting. Beth made a face.
“Go sit with them, I’ll be fine,” she said and she left me and sat down alone on one table with her lunch on it.
“I’ll catch you later mate!” I said back to him and took a seat next to Beth.
“I told you I’ll be fine, you shouldn’t be caught with me,” she said looking around.
“Why?” I ask.
“Because I’m a loser, you have a reputation as the biggest boy band and you shouldn’t be with a loser.” She said.
“Thank you for caring about my reputation but I’m fine sitting here with you,” I say smiling at her and taking out my lunch.
“Your funeral,” she said laughing. I joined her laughing when Louis came to us.
“Hey Liam! Helloooooo hotty,” he said, Beth blushed deeply when he said that. For some reason I am angry.
“Hey Lou,” I said annoyed.
“Hi,” Beth said giggling.
“Are you single or—“ Louis said but he got caught off.
“I’ll be coming late today,” I said to Louis. Well I kinda cut him off because he was annoying me.
“Why?” Louis said.
“I have detention,” I said, Louis smiled.
“Badass!” he said hi-fiving me.
“Yeah the worst, you should be scared, he laughed out loud in class that’s why he has detention!” Beth said sarcastically. We both laughed at her.
“So are you going to be alone? I can ask Boobear to get into detention if you want company, though I don’t think that you need to because he’s probably in anyways.” Louis said shaking his head.
“Yep probably!” I said shaking my head.
“As I was saying, are you single?” Louis asked Beth.
“Nope,” she said shaking her head.
“Oh,” we both said disappointed.
“Just kidding!” she said laughing.
“Good, so I’ll pick you up tomorrow at eight?” Louis said, I don’t understand how he does it so quick. But thankfully Beth looked uncomfortable.
“Hmmm, I’ll sleep on that,” she said smirking, okay never mind about the uncomfortable thing.
“Is that a no or a yes?” Louis asks, well might I add that he is really good at flirting and that’s not fair I saw her first.
“Uhmm… okay I’ll give you a chance mister, tomorrow at eight, you will not be late!” she said smiling at Louis, Louis grinned back. Yeah well whatever, it’s not like I want to go out with her or anything. Pssh!
“Okay, I promise babe, I’ll be there, can I have your number?” he asked giving her his phone, she smiled and took it, she took a picture of herself and typed in the number.
“Here,” she said handing him back the phone.
“Yes thank you ‘BethKat’” he said winking, she smirked and blew him a kiss. Thankfully the bell rang signalling the end of lunch and the beginning of another class.
“Kay, I gotta go, see you in detention Beth,” I said grabbing my things and leaving.
“Okay, see you Li,” she said smiling at me, “Oh, and thank you!” and with that she left, you know what, I don’t care whether she is with someone else she can still always be my best friend.


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