Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


2. Chapter 1

Chapter one
“Kat let’s go we gonna be late,” my best friend Rachel screamed and hooted from outside. I roll my eyes at how impatient she can be.
“I am almost done!” I yell back grabbing my handbag and running downstairs to see my brother Puck eating breakfast. My brother and I live alone because our parents died when we were younger and ever since he turned 18 we started living alone.
“Aren’t you coming with us?” I asked him.
“Nope, you go along little sis catch ya at school hey, and don’t forget to carry an extra t-shirt it’s Monday!” He called as I walked to the door.
“Done and don’t be late again,” I call back, he just nods and goes back to eating. That boy can eat and he will never get full I tell you!
“Hey Rach!” I call to my best friend.
“Hey! I hope you brought some extra clothing and we better get there fast or else!” she said scowling at the thought.
“Yeah then if you wanna get there fast you better step on it,” I say as she takes off fast.
“There is gonna be 5 new students at school today,” Rachel said.
“Oh, how do you know?” I ask.
“I don’t live under a rock like you do,” Rachel said laughing.
“Well anyways I hope they are not plastic like my co-cheerleaders are… well not that Brittany, Quinn and Santana are… or me in that case,” I say quickly correcting myself. “Are they boys or girls?” I ask her.
“Boys I think,” Rachel said.
“Well that’s just weird, who will come to school at the middle of the year?” Rachel just shrugged and put on the radio. We sang along to some songs until we came into school.
“Oh thank the gods they are not here yet,” Rachel said sighing in relief.
“Pheww,” I say. “Let’s go quick!” I said as we ran into school.
“Hey Kat and Rachel,” Finn, Rachel’s boyfriend said. When Rachel saw him she blushed and she kissed him quick on the cheek.
“Kay, I’m gonna leave yal to it then and try and stay away from those annoying people and hey, watch your backs!” I say looking around and then slipping into the corner of the school hall and walking through the corridors and to my locker. I put on my locker code and grab all the things I need for my next class. I look around again to see 5 beautiful but familiar boys looking my way…

Louis P.O.V
“But I don’t wanna go to school pumpkin!” I whined to Harry.
“We have to go Louis, uncle Simon said that we have to finish our last 6 months of school,” Liam said sternly. Oh bo-ho for him, he is clever that’s why he is saying that because he is excited to go to school… and it’s his job as Daddy Direction to say so anyways.
“Liam, why do you like school?” Zayn asked Liam.
“I like it because it teaches you things that you don’t know about,” Liam said smiling.
“But I don’t like school.” Harry said pouting.
“Well whether we like or not we will have to go or bye bye One Direction, oh Liam do you think we will have good food there?” Niall asked.
“Hopefully Niall, hopefully,” Liam assured him.
“Well whatever, let’s go in,” I say as we all get out of the car and walk towards the school building, it’s rather nice in a way.
“Hi, I’m principle Sue Sylvester and you must be the boys of One Direction! Welcome welcome!” The principle said joyfully. She sounds weird!
“Uhm… Thank you?” I said, it came out as more of a question then an actual thank you.
“No… thank you boys!” she said smirking at us. We all look at her like she is mad.
“So, here are all your timetables and we are very happy to know that we have you boys here and I am sorry to tell you that you all won’t be in classes together but you all have the same lunch periods except Liam and Louis!” she said as she handed the papers to all of us, we all groaned when we heard the last part.
“Sorry guys!” Liam said but you could just see how happy he is now that he started at school again.
“So when do we head to class?” Harry asks sadly… I totally understand how he feels!
“You boys are kind of early so at 08:30 you go to your classes! You have a map right in the back of your time-tables! Have a good day and make sure you don’t get hit by a slushy!” she says again happily and we look at each other in confusion and we all shake our heads.
“Let’s tour this place and look for girls to flirt with!” Harry said eagerly. Zayn hi-fived him.
“Yeah I guess that’s the most we can do when we have time!” Liam said nodding.
“Let’s do it then!” I say. We all walked together to find our lockers and when we got there I see the ,most beautiful girl I have ever seen…
Beth’s P.O.V
Yeah whatever, they were staring at me so I just felt down right uncomfortable and looked away or in other words into my locker. I grabbed all of the things I needed and looked up to see Rachel hurrying my way with Finn behind her. I saw the panic on both of their faces.
“Don’t tell me!” I said to them.
“Fine we won’t tell you but we are warning you” Finn said.
“Fine where’s the others?” I asked them.
“On their way,” Rachel said.
“Okay,” I said ready for anything. We hear the rest of the group coming this way.
“They are probably close,” Rachel said worried. Finn looked at her and grabbed her hand and we all (as in the whole Glee group) lined up against the lockers and pressed our backs to it. I’m still aware that the 5 beautiful boys are now watching all of us.
We hear footsteps on their way and we all brace ourselves.
“Look at this boys, the Glee club losers!” one of the football jocks said. My brother Puck arrived and came to stand next to me and held onto my hand.
“Yeah, guess what’s the day losers?” Another said.
“Yeah, Monday, whatever! Just get it over with!” Puck said.
“Fine, whatever,” The first jock said and they brought out what they had from behind their, colourful slushes ready to be chucked into their faces.
“Brace yourselves,” Sam said and I closed my eyes to feel cold wet stuff on my face. It was so cold it burnt my skin. But it wasn’t that bad because I am used to it, it happens all the time on Monday’s. I grip Puck’s hand tighter and I opened my eyes and looked to see the shock on the boys faces, they just look so damn familiar.
“Puck are you okay,” I ask him. Puck has sensitive skin and it always has a bad effect on him.
“Yeah, as always,” he said grabbing a cloth from his locker and wiping his face.
“Let’s go change.” He said taking my hand and heading to the bathrooms.
Liam’s P.O.V
When I got to my locker I see this very beautiful girl. She was so beautiful she made my legs go weak in a way. She was with a couple of friends, and she looked worried in a way. I look at the boys to see them staring at her too. Just then, a whole lot of Football players came with something behind their backs. The girl saw them and leaned against the locker.
“Look at this boys, the Glee club losers!” one of the football jocks said. This other boy came and stood next to her, taking her hand. I knew it was too good to be true, I should have known that she would have a boyfriend.
 “Yeah, guess what’s the day losers?” Another said.
“Yeah, Monday, whatever! Just get it over with!” the guy standing next to the girl said.
“Fine, whatever,” The first jock said. They threw slushies at them and walked off leaving the people lined up against the locker with different colour slushies on their faces.
They all walked off in their own directions and we just stood there looking like idiots.
“If this happens every day I don’t wanna be at this school,” Niall said, we all nodded our heads in agreement, just then some Barbie wanna be came up to us.
“Hi there, you must be the boys from One Direction, I am such a fan! If you want to you guys can totally sit with us at the lunch table,” she squealed.
“Uhm, no thanks,” Louis said. Louis and his sass!
“Well then, if you ever change your mind,” she said smiling and she walked off.
“Such a wanna be!” Louis said when she was gone.
“I think she was kinda hot,” Harry said.
“You think everyone is hot,” Zayn said back to him.
They continued with this conversation until the bell rang.
“Guess we gotta go,” I said looking at the slip the principle handed me and saw that I have math first alone.
“Yeah see you guys later and wish me luck,” Harry said looking worried.
“Good luck,” we all said and we walked off in our own directions.


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