Undecided Cinderella Story (One Direction and Glee Fanfic)

Who would have thought that Glee and One Direction would be in a story together? Well it totally is!

Read on to find out the twists and turns in Glee club when a certain boy-band joins!


1. Bethany Katrina Puckermen

Hi Guys and Gals my name is Bethany Katrina Puckermen but I go by as Kat or Beth.
I am in my school’s Glee club along with my brother Noah Puckermen who is also known as Puck. Yes, Glee club is uncool but when you have the amazing people that we have there it is hard to resist and besides I wanna become a singer when I am older and I think if I put in Glee club in my CV it will get me places.
I’m 17 and my favourite colour is Green and my best friend’s name is Rachel, she is also in Glee club along with her boyfriend, Finn. My favourite singers is Taylor Swift, Avril Lagvine and loads of others! I am a cheerleader, part of the Cheerio’s along with Quinn, Brittany and Santana. And yeah now you know me! Tye Tye!


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