Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


3. Lily Crystal

Hello world!!!

I am the one and only Lily Crystal. I go to the same school as Leah and Bethany; they are my closest friends at school. I only have one problem in life and that is Sarah Cathy Walker. I hate her, just cuz shes pretty an’ all she wanna put others down. She has been trying her hardest to make mah poor galz life a misery ever since she came here. I mean what did Leah ever do to her…some things you’ll never know.

Mah favourite colour is blue and I love chilling around and making new friends. I love food that’s all mah friends love and the best part we don’t get fat. I FREAK’N ADORE ONE DIRECTION LIKE LOUIS MAH MAN DAWGZ…

I sometimes hate being in a galz school I mean it can be fun, but there’s like no boys here.

Anyways I gotta bounce

Peace owt…love yall.


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