Another World- A Harry Styles' love story

"I know you want me,"he told her as he slammed her on the table and got on top of her. He didn't care how much she cried and told him to stop. Leah is just a ordinary girl with ordinary friends (and a few haters) but how does her life suddenly screwed up and she ends up meeting One Direction!


14. Chapter 8

Chapter 8 “Leah Where are you?” Justin called “I am in here,” Leah responded “Who is that?” Harry asked “Oh my Friend that I met recently,” Leah replied with a smile “There you are,” Justin said coming and giving Leah a hug from behind “Oh who is this?’” Justin asked looking at Harry “This is my friend Harry….he is helping me with my project,” Leah said introducing them “Hi there,” Harry said with lesser enthusiasm than when he was talking to Leah “Sup,” Justin mumbled and turned to Leah “I just wanted to chill with you….lets go,” Justin said completely ignoring Harry Harry cleared his throat and looked around his room uncomfortably “erm Justin actually I am doing my project right now,” Leah said peeking at Harry from the corner of her eye “But Babe I wanna spend some private time with you,” Justin said stroking Leah’s cheek “Uh,” Leah said uncomfortably “She said she wants to do her work so let her,” Harry said sensing Leah’s tension “And since when did you become her spokesperson,” Justin asked raising his eyebrows “Well you didn’t seem to hear what she said so I will make you hear,” Harry said “Okay Justin we will spend time later right now I really need to finish my work and plus Harry is sacrificing his time to help me finish my project,” Leah said trying to prevent the upcoming fight “Oh yeah the quicker you finish it the quicker you can get rid of the jerk and spend time with me “Erm Leah are we gonna get on with this or not, because I am gonna have to leave soon,” Harry said angry at Justin “Justin how about you go and we will chill later?” Leah asked “Okay I understand you wanna do you work,” Justin said “Thanks for understanding,” Leah said relieved Harry smiled relieved as well “But I will stay with you I don’t trust you with this guy,” Justin said pulling a chair next to Leah “JUSTIN! You don’t just say that to people you don’t know,” Leah said angrily “Don’t worry Leah I learnt to ignore people like him….what’s your next question?” Harry asked “What’s your cultural food?” Leah asked “Leah why do you need to know all this….not like you gonna meet him or something,” Justin said glaring at Harry “Justin its for my project….if you keep disturbing me you will have to leave,” Leah said sternly “Are you really gonna chase me for him?” Justin asked shocked “Yes now shut up,” Leah said annoyed After a few questions Leah felt Justin nuzzle her neck and Harry looked mad. He started kissing her neck and she felt uncomfortably although it felt good, now Harry was red “J…Justin what are you doing?” Leah stammered “I was bored and I couldn’t help myself…it’s what you do to me,” Justin murmured into her neck “Erm Justin I have to finish my work,” Leah said moving away when she saw Harry squeeze the Coke can in his hand “Let’s leave this asshole and go to my room,” Justin said kissing Leah’s shoulder “Justin I told you to stop speaking to Harry like that,” Leah scolded “Not my fault he is a creep anyways I can entertain you more than he is now,” Justin said moving closer to Leah and kissed her neck again “Justin get out,” Leah said pushing Justin away from her “Are you chasing me?” Justin asked “Yes I am now go,” Leah said standing up and putting her hand on her hip “Fine I see you wanna spend more time with this male bitch than with me,” Justin said getting up as Leah opened the door “He is not a man Bitch he is better than you are right now….bye,” Leah said as she pushed Justin out and closed the door Leah went back to her laptop and saw that Harry looked angry and uncomfortable at the same time “I am soo sorry about that,” Leah said blushing from embarrassment “It’s okay who is that anyways?” Harry asked “Oh It’s just someone I met at the bus station where I was coming to school,” Leah replied “Oh…well he didn’t seem to take a liking to me….talk about moody,” Harry replied “Yeah I don’t know what is his problem,” Leah said rolling her eyes “Anyways let us carry on with your project,” Harry said leaning back into his chair and folding his arms behind his head “Yeah we should,” Leah replied as she asked him questions ………………………………………………………………………… “ SO how much more do you have of this project?” Harry asked “Just a little more,” Leah said “I am sooo sorry for using up your time,” Leah said guiltily “Sigh! I told you that I have no problem with helping you now please stop beating yourself up,” Harry said in an annoyed tone “Sorry I just don’t want to be a bother,” Leah said looking down “Babe don’t worry you are not,” Harry said putting his face close to the screen “What are you gonna kiss the screen Haz…We know you like and all but be realistic,” Louis screamed out of nowhere causing Leah and Harry to turn a shade of crimson and appeared by the door. “Oh Really Louis I was just comforting her,” Harry said BLUSHING EVEN HARDER “Cupcake you don’t have to hid it we all understand,” Louis teased as the boys came into the room “Oh My God Louis just shurrup,” Harry said angrily now “Hey Leah,” The boys screamed all at once “Hi Boys,” Leah greeted back with a smile “Harry I will not shut up I have to tell the truth you know,” Louis said batting his eyelashes “Leah I am soo soo sorry he is just being stupid,” harry said embarrassed “It’s cool I understand,” Leah said with a small smile “Louis I thought I told you to ease it out a bit….she is still a bit new to us,” Liam scolded “Sorry it’s hard you know,” Louis said in a small voice “Don’t scold him it’s fine,” Leah said feeling defensive towards Louis “Wow you are pretty sweet for a new person” Zayn said shocked “Well it’s hard not to be with you guys,” She replied “Awww isn’t she the sweetest?” Niall said “You should be soooo honoured Nialler called you sweet… FOOD is the only thing he calls sweet,” Harry exclaimed “Thanks Nialler and I am honoured,” she replied with a sweet smile “Hazza Pumpkin don’t get jealous coz Leah is calling Niall sweet,” Louis said with a smirk “Okay boys out! Leah has work to do,” Harry demanded “You can talk to Leah once her project is over… if she doesn’t forget us after this,” Harry said with a hint of hurt in his voice. “Why would I?” Leah asked a little angrily “Okay since you not gonna forget us chat to ya later babe,” Liam said and ushered the boys out whist they all screamed their goodbyes “Yeah so…,” Harry said “What?” Leah said “Woah What did I do now?” Harry asked taken back “What you said back then really hurt you know,” She replied offended “I am sorry I just wanted to know if you were going to stop talking to me after you were done with this project,” Harry said hurt “Oh so are you think that I am using you for this project huh? I can’t believe you Harry of all people will think like this! Maybe other stupid girls you know will do that but I am not like that!” Leah said with hurt spilling out of her voice “Gosh I should have just left with Justin,” she mumbled “You know what I told you that I just wanted to know so I don’t why you are acting like a child!” Harry said angrily “Look whos calling whoa child the one who actually thinks girls wants to use him….well If it was my choice I would have never chose YOU!” Leah screamed with tears forming in her eyes “Oh If that’s how it is why don’t you just run off to your dear Justin…I am sure he will do more than help you…SINCE I DON’T WANT TO!” Harry said angrily as he stood up as he realised what he said and Leah closed her laptop.

I dont know why I felt so offended by what Harry said, I think its because I hate conceited guys who thinks girls always use them... and also because I am a really friendly person who is in a fragile and bad stage right now! Gosh Leah what the hell is wrong with you? Pull yourself together!

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